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We suggest playing Stockpile at least once with more than two players before trying the 2-Player Variant. The 2-player variant plays similar to a 4-player game. However, there a few changes to the round's phases.


Each player will start with $30,000 in money, instead of $20,000, and still receive only one starting stock. Each player also receives 2 Bidding Meeples (red or blue).

Information Phase

Each player is randomly dealt two pairs of Company Cards and Forecast Cards.

Note: Keep them in separate piles. These cards may not be swapped or substituted with each other.

The remaining two pairs of Company Cards and Forecast Cards are both placed face-down next to the game board. These pairs will take effect each round, but neither player will know that effect until the cards are revealed during the Movement Phase.

Supply Phase

Randomly place one card from the Market Deck face-up on the first four Stockpiles, which are marked with the 2-Player symbol.

Each player draws two cards from the Market Deck. Each player places these cards, one face-up and the other face-down. Repeat this step one more time, so that each player places four cards in the Stockpiles.

Note: Players must place their first two cards before receiving their second two cards.

Demand Phase

Players alternate placing their Bidding Meeples on an available space of the Bidding Tracks.

All Bidding Meeples must be placed before any re-bidding occurs.

A player may not place a Bidding Meeple on a Bidding Track that already contains their other Bidding Meeple.

Players continue to alternate re-bidding until all Bidding Meeples are on a separate Bidding Track, but it is possible for a player to bid twice in a row.

If both of a player's Bidding Meeples have been out-bid, then that player may choose either Bidding Meeple to re-bid with first.

Note: The combined bids of both Bidding Meeples may not exceed the total money that player currently has.

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