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Billionaire Bill

No abilities. Begins the game with the most money.

Broker Bernie

Trading fees are a bonus. If you pick up a trading fee at the end of the Demand Phase, instead gain that amount in currency immediately after paying for the Stockpile.

Note: You must have enough money to pay for the Stockpile before gaining any money from your investor benefit.

Crazy Cramer

On your turn during the Action Phase, you may move the value of a single stock up by 1 or down by 1.

Discount Donald

You pay one space value less than your Bidding Meeple's position on the Bidding Tracks for Stockpiles.

Example: If you bid $10k for a Stockpile, you instead pay $6k.

Dividend Deborah

At the end of each round, you may declare additional dividends of $1,000 per share for a company of your choice. This benefits all players with stock for that company.

Maverick Mark

Before the Demand Phase begins, you may move one card to a different Stockpile.

Note: This ability may be used to cause a Stockpile to have 0 cards.

Golden Graham

For each stock that you sell, you gain $1,000 extra.

Note: This ability still works at the end of the game. Don't forget to double for split stocks.

Mayknow Martha

At any time during the Demand Phase, you may look at another player's Company Card and Forecast Card. You may do this only once per round.

Note: In a game with less than five players, you have the option to look at one face-down pair of information instead of another player's cards.

Secretive Stuart

During the Supply Phase, you may place both of your cards face-down.

Wise Warren

Before the Demand Phase, you may look at all face-down cards in a single Stockpile.

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