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You are an artist working in the fast-paced world of art. Various art patrons are commissioning great works of art, and you must hurry to get them.

Object of the Game

Earn as many points as you can before commissions run out or you... starve.


Follow standard set up, but only use 35 Canvas Cards. Set any unused Canvas Cards aside, they won't be used this game. You may also wish to remove the zero-point, comic book Canvas cards from the deck.

Game Play

The solo game is played the same as the regular game with one change: at the end of each day, you remove the Canvas Card in the one-paint slot of the Canvas Market from play, return any paint cubes from the Paint Market that match that card to the bag, and add new Canvas Card to the Canvas Market.

If a Canvas Card has a square with more than one color, you can choose which of the colors is used to satisfy that square even if the market doesn't have the other color.

End of the Game

The game ends when you starve or when there are no more canvases in the Canvas Market. How you did:

  • <10: Keep trying

  • 15: Surviving

  • 20: Expert

  • +25: Professional

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