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In addition to playing against one opponent, players can choose to play against more than one opponent in a multiplayer game. There is one official format: free-for-all.


More than two players can participate in a free-for-all game, though 3-4 is the recommended number. Players should follow all of the normal rules of the game, with the following exceptions and additions.


To set up the game, follow these steps in order:

  1. Randomly seat the players at the table.

  2. All players roll off for the battlefield. The player with the highest value wins the roll off, and chooses a battlefield to use for the game.

    Each player whose battlefield was not chosen gets 1 shield to give to one of their characters and sets their battlefield aside. If players tie during the roll off, only the tied players roll again to break the tie.


Players take actions clockwise around the play area, starting with the player who controls the battlefield. All players must consecutively pass to end the round. Only one person can claim the battlefield.

Choosing Opponents

When an ability refers to an opponent, the player using the ability chooses which opponent it affects.

Player Elimination

If all of a player's characters are defeated, or there are no cards left in their deck and hand at the end of the round, that player is immediately eliminated from the game.

Any of their cards and dice are removed from the game, except for cards that they no longer control or their battlefield if it is active.

If the eliminated player controlled the battlefield, then no one controls the battlefield until someone else claims it (and if it has already been claimed this round, then players must wait until the next round).

The player to their left decides how simultaneous abilities controlled by more than one player are resolved until someone else controls the battlefield. The other players continue playing until there is only one player left in the game; that player wins.

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