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Rating: 4.1 Passable
Players: 4-10 players
Playing time: 0-5 minutes

Created by:

Published by: Hasbro

Alternate Names: Dumm-schwätzer


Can you overcome the voice-jamming challenge in Speech Breaker? You're reporting live from the scene!

Put on the game headset, talk into the game microphone, and get your teammates to guess who/what/where without saying any of the words on the cards.

What's the catch?

The microphone jams your speech with a built-in delay. As you talk, you hear your delayed voice through the game headset, making it harder to speak clearly.

For example, how would you report that "an alien is swinging kettlebells in a glass house" without saying any of those words - and in just 30 seconds - with your speech jammed?

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