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The Beast: When using the Beast's enhanced senses, ignore structures. The Beast's enhanced senses work in a 9x9 grid with the Beast in the center of that area.

The Gun: The Gun gets to roll 2 dice when attacking. This is still 1 attack with the die roll results summed together.

Only a result of '1' on both dice is considered an automatic miss. If either results in a 6, re-roll that die and add the results to the total.

Quick Draw will only trigger when the agent is spotted. When an agent is not in LOS of the Gun and moves through the Gun's LOS, then the agent is spotted. When an agent starts their turn in LOS of the Gun and then moves out of LOS leaving the last seen marker, then the Gun has lost sight of the agent.

If the agent was spotted by the Gun but did not leave her last seen marker in LOS of the Gun, as long as the Gun spotted the agent, she gets the opportunity to deal damage.

The agent will announce that he/ she was spotted by the Gun. The Gun will need to roll equal to or greater than the distance to the last seen marker. Thematically, the last seen marker is not where the Gun is aiming, but just as a measure of the difficulty of the shot.

If the agent lands on an escape point, and Quick Draw or Sniper Shot would be activated, the Gun gets the opportunity to attack with that ability before the agent escapes.

The Heat: When using Thermal Vision, the Heat can still only see down the row and column he is on (or in the case of a road space down the stretch of road as well as line of sight down the row and column it is on). Thermal Vision lasts until the end of the Heat's turn.

On the Agent's turn, the Heat will not have Thermal Vision active. Smoke Grenades will still obstruct the Heat's Thermal Vision.

When using Traitor Heat's Pulse Cannon to attack a hunter, you are not required to reveal your location.

The Heat can't attack while in the Vehicle, even with the Pulse Cannon.

Interceptor: The optic alarm does not require the agent to announce which direction the alarm was triggered nor require the agent to place a last seen marker. Rule of thumb: any space that has vision of the vehicle will trigger the optic alarm.

The Judge: When the judge uses clairvoyance, the agent is not required to indicate her exact location, only that the Judge can 'sense' her.

Mantis: When Mantis places a last seen Marker adjacent to the Gun, Mantis's Blade Strike will resolve before the Gun's quick draw giving him the chance to stun the Gun before she can shoot him.

Panther: In order to use Shadow Step, you must move through a space that is visible to a hunter. You may not place the last seen marker if you did not more through the hunter's LOS.

Portable Barrier: The Heat can see through portable barriers with Thermal Vision. Rover can't take down a portable barrier.

The Prophet: The Prophet gets +2 to his die but a natural roll of '1' is still an automatic miss.

Post-cognition example: If it is currently round 9 (the last round with a location written on it) then the agent must announce to the Prophet player what location they have written in on turn 7.

Raven: If Raven has not revealed his agent card yet and uses the Omen ability, the agent player is not required to reveal his agent card but the hunter team will know who they are up against.

When Raven uses Omen, the chosen ability is treated as if the text is no longer there. If Omen is applied to Tracker's "Rover" ability, Rover can't be moved nor will have vision. If Omen is applied to Watcher's "Surveillance" ability, the Watcher can't place Camera tokens and does not have vision with any currently placed.

Remote Trigger: With Prophet's Precognition, you must announce the turn before the objective is completed.

Using Remote Trigger will allow the agent player to announce one turn later than normal.

Stealth Field:When using the Stealth Field, you are only visible when within 2 spaces of a hunter. You can't be detected by cameras, pets, or vehicle alarms. The Heat's Thermal Vision can't detect you while you have Stealth Field active unless you are within 2 spaces of the Heat.

Tracer:To announce which direction the agent's current position is relative to the vehicle, use the compass on the game board. Most of the time the direction announced will be northeast, northwest, southeast, or southwest.

Determine Sensor Direction

The agent was moved from O5 to L4 (3 spaces) and the vehicle is located at N9.

This hunter player activates the motion sensor. The |M| player must state that motion was detected to the northwest.

If the agent is on a space that is on the same row or column as the vehicle when the motion sensor is used, the agent player must say north, south, east or west. If the agent was moved 2 or fewer spaces on the agent player's last turn, then the agent player must announce that no motion is detected.

The vehicle cannot be moved and have its motion sensor used during the same round. The motion sensor can only be used once per round.

A hunter may still exit the vehicle after using motion sensor.

If there are 2 agents in play the agent players collectively report the direction motion was sensed. If both agents moved 3 or more spaces and are located on different sides of the vehicle, the agent players will need to report both directions. If the agents are located in the same location and moved 3 or more spaces or only 1 agent moved 3 or more spaces, the agents will collectively report only 1 direction.

The Watcher: The Watcher's cameras have vision in one direction until it reaches a wall or structure. Cameras that are looking down a road section will have vision on both lanes of the road. The Watcher cannot see the space the camera is on.

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