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Snowdonia can also be played solitaire, for which you play a series of games using a different Train each time to see if you can beat your previous scores.

Solitaire is played in the same way as the normal game, except for the following changes.

In the solo game you will be playing a series of 7 games each with a different starting Train card, starting with No. 1 and ending with No. 7. Select the Train card for your current solo game.

Setting up the Stock Yard

Draw 6 cubes out of the bag at random and place them on to the Stock Yard (return any Event cubes un-resolved at this point and re-draw, so that 6 cubes are in the Stock Yard).

Check the Weather

Discard all Contract cards and deal out three new cards.


Only one Train card per game is available in the solo game. If you cannot maintain your train when the "Train maintenance is needed" event happens, you cannot buy another one.

End of the Game

If the last Track card in the route has not yet been placed, the game ends immediately after the last (16th) Ownership marker is placed.

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