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  • 100 List cards
  • 1 List Card Holder (Shown)
  • 1 game board
  • 1 15-second sand timer
  • 16 player pawns in 8 colors
  • 7 Point Chips
  • 1 Wager Marker (Yes and No)
  • 1 Smarty Pants pair of pants
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Players match wits in a race to come in last! Each round, one player chooses a category and acts as the host of the Party. On their turn, a player must give an answer that fits the current category. Wrong answers reap Penalty points. Correct answers are rewarded with the Smarty Pants!

At the end of each round, Penalty points advance players along the board. But the player holding the Pants gets to toss out one Penalty chip! The game ends when a player reaches Game Over... and last place wins!


Set the board in the middle of the table. The Penalty Chips and the Smarty Pants should be placed near the board.

Each player selects a color and takes the two pawns of that color, placing one on the Start space and the other in front of them as a reminder of their color.

The first Reader is the youngest player. He takes the Card Holder, Timer, and Wager Marker.

Game Play

What the Reader Does

Take a List card from the box and place It in the card holder. Slide the buttons to cover the column of checkmarks.

As an item is guessed correctly, slide the button to the left to reveal the check-mark. If a Smiley face appears, tell that player to move back one space.

To begin the round, announce the Topic, and number of items in the List, and the Wager number (found inside the Yellow pants on the card).

Sample Card


The Reader makes his wager by setting the Wager Marker to either the green YES side or the red NO side.

A wager of YES means that the Reader thinks that the other players will guess at least as many items from the List as the Wager Number; a wager of NO means that the Reader thinks that the players will guess fewer than this many items.

At the end of the round, if the Reader's wager was successful, he will move his pawn one space backward on the movement track. If he fails his wager, he moves one space forward.

Start Player

After making his wager, the Reader chooses one of the other players as the start player for this round. This player will make the first guess and play then proceeds clockwise.


On your turn, try to name an item on the List. If you're right, take the Smarty Pants. If a Smiley Face is revealed for this answer, move your token back one space immediately. If you're wrong, take a Penalty Chip (see below). If you have no guess, take a Penalty Chip. Play then passes to the next player.

If you are taking a long time, the Reader will start the timer. Now you have 15 seconds to guess or take a Penalty Chip. The Reader should not review guesses already given.

However, if you repeat a guess already made (right or wrong), you may guess again. The Reader Is the judge of whether a guess is close enough. Be fair! Note: If the wager number is reached, The Reader can start timing a player at any time.

Penalty Chips

Each time an incorrect guess is given, that player must take the highest value Penalty chip available. The first player to make an incorrect guess takes the red 3 chip. The next player who makes an incorrect guess would take a yellow 2 chip and so on. Players may end up with more than one Penalty chip.

Smarty Pants

Whenever you make a successful guess, take the Smarty Pants. If you end up with the Smarty Pants at the end of the round, you get to throw away your highest Penalty Chip. If you end up with the Smarty Pants and no Penalty chips, you get to move back one space.

End of the Round

The round ends either when all items on the List card have been successfully guessed or when the last Penalty Chip is taken. After the round ends, do the following:

  • First, the player with the Smarty Pants throws away his highest Penalty Chip or moves back one space if he has no Penalty Chips.

  • Next, everyone with Penalty Chips has to move their pawns forward. For each 3 chip, move your pawn forward three spaces, for each 2 chip, move your pawn forward two spaces and for each 1 chip, move your pawn forward one space. All Penalty chips are then returned.

  • Finally, the Reader moves his pawn back one space if he wagered correctly, or forward one space if he wagered incorrectly.

The Next Reader

The next Reader is the player whose pawn is farthest advanced on the board.

Note: the same player can be the Reader more than once in a row).

If there is a tie for furthest advanced pawns, the first tied player to the left of the Reader will be the new Reader.

End of the Game

The game ends whenever any player's pawn reaches the Game Over space at the end of a round. The player whose pawn is farthest from the Game Over space (least advanced on the movement track) wins.

If two or more players are tied at the end of the game, all tied players continue to play until the tie is broken (the player who reached the Game Over space should be the Reader).

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