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The bad guys have taken over our beautiful kingdom and it's in total chaos! You have to save the world, and quickly! Work together to guide this brave, rolling knight through this turbulent adventure which is lined with twists and traps!


  • 1 board with traps
  • 4 levers
  • 20 maps showing 4 kinds of worlds
  • 1 rolling knight
  • 8 obstacles
  • 9 traps
  • 1 life counter
  • 1 'heart' marker
  • 1 game saver

Object of the Game

Help the knight to get to the end of each map all while avoiding traps and obstacles. A path of light will guide him.

If you make it to the end of the final map of your game mode with at least one life remaining, you win the game.


  • Take the cardboard container out of the box which has all the game contents. This container can now be used to store items. Put the bottom of the box in the center of the table.

  • Place the 4 levers in the 4 notches of the bottom of the box.

  • Place the board with all the traps on top of the levers.

  • Choose one of the 2 possible game modes (see game modes).

  • Place the first map of the chosen world over the traps board (each map has a numbered back).

  • Set up the game components indicated on the map (arches, barriers, boulders, sticks of dynamite, guards or Villain) and place the knight on the board which corresponds to the number on the card.

  • Choose a difficulty level from the 3 options given and place the 'heart' marker on the corresponding square of the life counter (see paragraph Choosing lives).

The knight is now ready to set off on his adventure.

Game Modes

Mini Quest

To win the game, players must help the knight to cross the 5 maps that make up 1 world, arriving safe and sound at the end. There are 4 kinds of world:

  • The Coast: maps with a green back numbered from 1 to 5,
  • The Mountain: maps with a blue back numbered 6 to 10,
  • The Castle Grounds: maps with a red back numbered 11 to 15.
  • The Castle: maps with a brown back numbered 16 to 20.

The difficulty level increases from one world to the next. When the players have successfully crossed a world, they can move onto the next one (or replay the same world) by resetting their number of lives. A Grand Quest

A Grand Quest

To win the game, players must help the knight to save the universe and cross all 20 maps. If the game is interrupted, it can be saved the kingdom (see Saving your Game).

Game Play

Once the maps and components have been assembled, players position themselves around the board where they can easily use the 4 levers.

  • With 4 players, each player must use 1 lever.
  • With 3 players, 2 players must use 1 lever and 1 player must use 2 levers.
  • With 2 players, each player must use 2 levers.

The knight must succeed in the mission set out by the map in order to move onto the next one.

Players are strongly recommended to communicate with each other in order to coordinate how they use their levels to control how the board is moved and to succeed in moving the knight forwards.

Note: Players are advised to practice a little on the first map at the start of each game. Color codes on the insides of the box can help players to communicate with each other.

Once the knight has made it to the end of each map, players remove the game components and the map on the board. They then put the next map on the board with the required components indicated.

Types of Mission

In your quest to set the kingdom free there will be 6 different types of goal to carry out according to the maps. Certain maps have several courses of action:

  • Simple Paths: Follow the path of light without falling into traps. If the knight moves out of the path of light, he must return to the spot where he left it.

  • paths With Dynamites: Follow the path of light without falling into traps and without knocking over dynamites,

  • theguards: Push the guards into the traps,

  • The Numbered Guard: Push the guards into their corresponding numbered traps (guard number I in hole I etc),

  • The Villain: Get rid of the guards (numbered or not) then push the Villain into the trap of their color,

  • Explosive End: Two maps require you to use dynamites in a special way (dynamite icon on the back of these 2 maps):

A. Map n°10:: To move onto the next map, you must push a stick of dynamite in front of board II to blow up the door.

B. Map n°20: After getting rid of the guards and the villain, push all the sticks of dynamite into the hole after the Villain. Then, place the knight on the villain's throne to save the kingdom!

Choosing Lives

Players can choose the level of difficulty at the start of the game by placing the 'heart' marker on the corresponding level:

  • Easy (green background): players start with 5 lives (place the 'heart' marker on the number 5), they can have a maximum of 8 lives.

  • Normal (blue background): players start with 4 lives (place the 'heart' marker on the number 4), they can have a maximum of 6 lives.

  • Difficult (red background): players start with 3 lives (place the 'heart' marker on the number 3), they can have a maximum of 4 lives.

For every life that is won or lost, players move the 'heart' marker along the counter accordingly.

Losing Lives

A life is lost when the knight:

  • falls in a trap,
  • knocks over a stick of dynamite or drops it in a trap,
  • pushes a guard or the Villain into the wrong trap,
  • pushes the Villain into the right trap before getting rid of all the guards, tips over.

If a guard or the Villain falls into a hole without being pushed by the knight, a life is lost.

The knight continues his mission normally except when he falls in a trap or tips oven He moves back to the start position and must make his way across the path again.

Exceptional case: Maps n°IO and n°20 must be carried out perfectly. If the knight makes a single mistake, he loses a life and must restart the map by replacing all the elements.

Winning Lives

For certain maps, a life can be won if the knight manages to reach a heart symbol,

Saving Your Game

If players want to pause their game, they can save their progression and come back to the place they stopped later. For this, they simply have to: select the map reached and the lives remaining on the game saver.

End of the Game

The game can end in two ways:

1° Set Free: the knight successfully completes the last map of the chosen game mode with at least I life left on the counter and the players win the game,

2° Game Over: if the lives counter gets to zero, it's Game Over, The game is stopped and players must start again from the beginning of their chosen game mode.



Add even more suspense to the adventure! Each map must be finished within a set amount of time.

If the knight doesn't make it to the end in time, he loses a life. In that case, the knight must be put back to the map's start position and all the components put back in their original place. The game can then restart by resetting the timer.

If the knight makes it to the end of the last map of the chosen game mode with at least one remaining life, the game is won!

Hero Mode

When the knight loses a life, he moves back to the start position of the map. The game items are put back in their place so the knight can face them again,

Note: to get the items that have fallen into the traps back, lift the board,

Lonely Knight

Saving the world on your own is possible! You just have prove your dexterity and operate the 4 levers all by yourself.

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