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Rating: 7.5 Very Good
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 1-4 players
Playing time: 45-31 minutes

Created by: Nicolas Bourgoin, Jean-François Rochas, Stéphane Escapa

Published by: Blue Orange (EU), Blue Orange Games, FoxGames

Alternate Names: Obłędny Rycerz


The bad guys have taken over our beautiful kingdom in Slide Quest, and it's in total chaos! You have to save the world and quickly!

The kingdom is in total chaos! Work together to guide this brave rolling knight through 20 adventures filled with twists and traps.

Players each hold on to a lever and guide the moving platform in all directions, sliding the knight to follow the right paths while beating obstacles.

As challenges become more difficult, hold on to your lives to make it to the highest level and win!

Slide Quest turned a video game concept into a board game where dexterity and cooperation are keys to success.

Work together to guide this brave, rolling knight through this turbulent adventure that is lined with twists and traps!

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