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  • To win the game a player must manage to do the following twice:

    • Make the most daring bet,
    • Then flip over the corresponding number of cards without revealing a Skull!

  • Be careful to never reveal the hidden face of your cards.

  • Don't hesitate to comment on your actions or those of your opponents, for example by saying "I'm warning you, I'm playing a Skull right now!" To win, you'll have to gain a psychological edge over your opponents.

  • Don't hesitate to bluff by issuing a challenge or increasing the bet while having just played a Skull. It's the best way to reassure the future challenger and have him or her choose your cards only to fail.

  • We do not advise beginning players to take part in 3-player games, as it's a game configuration which requires a lot of tactics and which is particularly unforgiving when it comes to mistakes.

  • Foster a mood of anxiety by commenting on the choices of the challenger.

  • As with other confrontation-based games, by the end of the game, when there are only a few remaining players with about as many cards, there are winning strategies.

  • You can combine 2 Skull & Roses boxes to play with more than 6 players.

  • It's very advantageous to be the first player. It's worth the trouble of taking risks to get that position, even if it means losing a card.

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