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Rating: 4.3 Passable
Players: 2-6 players
Playing time: 15-3 minutes

Created by:

Published by: Outset Media


In Silent But Deadly, there are 10 different types of fart cards in four various colors. Each fart card has a description of the fart card, like "Fluffy Poot", "Eggy Stinker", and "Floating Biscuits".

Players discard a card in his/her hand by matching a fart type or by matching the color of the card played. The goal of the game is for a player to discard all of his/her cards.

Additional 'special play' cards include, "Light a Match", "Baked Beans", "Cabbage", and "Silent But Deadly". The Light a Match card negates these three specialty cards:

  • Cabbage card requires a player to the left to pick up 1 card.
  • Baked Beans requires the pick up of 2 cards.
  • Silent But Deadly requires picking up 5 cards.

When a player is down to one card, he/she must announce, "low on gas" before the next player discards, else he/she is penalized and must draw 2 cards.

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