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Allies: Allies are the champions you can recruit to aid you. When you play an Ally from your hand, you gain the effect listed on the card. It goes to your discard pile at the end of your turn.

Banish: When a card is banished, it is placed in the banish pile (removed from the game).

Champions: After you play a Champion from your hand, you can gain benefits from it every turn. Champions remain in play until destroyed by an opponent.

Destroy: Destroy means to put into the discard pile from play and generally refers to Champions.

Exhaust: An Exhaust ability may be used once during your turn at any point of your choosing. We recommend turning your card from vertical to horizontal to help track when you use a card's Exhaust ability. You may use any number of different Exhaust abilities in a single turn.

Fast-Play: You have the option to fast-play Mercenary Allies in the center row. This means that when you pay their cost, you have the option to gain their effect immediately. If you fast-play a Mercenary, it goes to the bottom of the center deck at the end of the turn.

Gems (): Gems are the resource used to recruit cards.

Health (): If your Health becomes 0, you are out of the game. You can't be above 50 Health.

Mastery (): mastery makes your cards more powerful. You cannot spend mastery and you do not lose it at the end of the turn, rather mastery builds up from turn to turn.

Mecenary: When you pay the gems cost of a Mercenary, you may recruit it to your discard pile or fast-play it.

Power (): power is used to attack enemy players and Champions.

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