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Q: If I play Cache Warden and it gains me my 10th , do I draw a card from its bonus?

A: Yes. You will first gain 1 from the top half of the card effect, putting you to 10 mastery or more. This will allow you to then draw a card.

Q: When I exhaust Systema AI, do I gain the Mastery Threshold Bonus listed beneath the exhaust text?

A: Yes. Once you exhaust a Champion, everything after and below the exhaust text occurs.

Q: Can I use Shields to defend Champions?

A: No. are only used to prevent damage to players.

Q: If I fast-play a Spore Cleric, does it count as an Undergrowth Ally played for purposes of Unify and Dominion?

A: Yes. When you fast-play a card, it is as though you played it from your hand. Spore Cleric will count towards Unify / Dominion bonuses.

Q: Can Thorn Zealot's Unify ability be used to destroy Li Hin, The Shattered?

A: Yes.

Q: Do I discard shield cards from my hand when I use them to prevent damage?

A: No. To use a , you reveal the card from your hand. The card will stay in your hand for you to play as normal on your next turn. In multiplayer games, you may use the same shield card to prevent damage from different opponents.

Q: Can I use multiple shield cards to prevent damage?

A: Yes. You may reveal any number of cards with to prevent damage.

Q: If I banish a card from my hand, may I still use it to gain its effect?

A: No. You get a card's effect when you play that card. Once you play it, it's no longer in your hand.

Q: Can I use a Crystal to gain 1 and then banish it with Shade?

A: No, cards you play remain face up in front of you until the end of your turn and only then go to your discard pile. If you want to banish a card from your hand, you won't be able to get the effect from it first.

Q: Where do cards go when they're banished?

A: Cards that are banished go to the banish pile. This pile essentially is a removed from game zone.

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