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Q1 : I've obtained several Equipment Cards. Can their effects be combined?

A1 : Yes they can. Let's say you have "Cursed Sword Masamune", "Butcher Knife", "Chainsaw", "Handgun" and "Machine Gun".

First you must attack another player due to the effect of "Cursed Sword Masamune". In addition, due to the effect of "Handgun" and "Machine Gun", all the players in all the ranges except your range will be attacked.

Further, due to the effect of "Cursed Sword Masamune", "Butcher Knife" and "Chainsaw", the dam- age amount you give would be: the number rolled on a 4-sided die +1 (Butcher Knife) + 1 (Chainsaw).

Q2: Some Black Cards and White Cards say they take effect "when you reveal your identity". Does this mean their effect is unavailable if my character identity has already been disclosed?

A2: No it doesn't. If your character identity has already been revealed, the card effect is available as if you just revealed your character identity.

Q3: When I choose a player and heal his/her damage due to the effect of the Area Card "Weird Woods" or the White Card "Blessing", is it accept- able to choose a player who has no damage?

A3: Yes it is acceptable. In that case nothing happens and you simply waste the card effect.

Q4: If I kill multiple characters at one time due to the card effect "Machine Gun", do I get only 1 Equipment Card"?

A4: No. You can get 1 Equipment Card of your choice from each of the killed characters.

Q5: Is it possible not to use the effect of my Equipment Cards?

A5: No it isn't. Your Equipment Cards are always in effect. It is not possible for a player to use card effects selectively. There's one exception however. You can choose whether or not use the card effect of "Mystic Compass" before you move.

Q6. While I was playing with Agnes, Bryan, who was to my immediate right, died. In this case, does "the player to the immediate right" mentioned in Agnes's win condition switch to the player immediately to the right of Bryan? (i.e. The second player to the right from me?)

A6. The player to the immediate right of you always refers to "the player who plays his/her turn right before you at the start of the game". In this case, the only player that affects Agnes's win condition is the player who is in charge of Bryan.

Please note the same rule applies (to the left this time) when you change the win condition to "The player to your immediate left wins" by Agnes's special ability "Capriccio".

Q7. Regarding Ellen's special ability "Chain of Forbidden Curse", is it effective against a special ability that has already been used?

A7. If your character is affected by the "Chain of Forbidden Curse", you won't be able to activate/apply the effect of your special ability from that instance onward.

However, all effects applied prior will remain. For example, if you apply "Chain of Forbidden Curse" to Catherine, who already used her special ability "Stigmata", you will not affect the damage she healed prior to the effect, but it does stop her from using it in the future.

Agnes's "Capriccio" or Gregor's "Ghostly Barrier" will lose effect at the time "Chain of Forbidden Curse" is used. This means for Agnes, her win condition will revert back to "The player to your immediate right wins" and for Gregor, he will start receiving damage as usual.

Please note "Chain of Forbidden Curse" has no effect on Unknown's ability, because this ability is not considered to be a special ability.

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