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Toyotomi Hideyori

Toyotomi Hideyori was the son of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the warlord whose death led to the Sekigahara campaign. He was 7 years old when the war took place.

The Toyotomi Hideyori disk is placed at Osaka castle. If it is destroyed, the regent is captured and the game ends in a Tokugawa victory. As such, it is the last unit lost in any siege of Osaka castle.

Sanada Masayuki

Sanada Masayuki defended Ueda castle with tenacity and creativity, delaying a force of 38,000 under Tokugawa Hidetada (Ieyasu's son). As a result of the prolonged siege, the younger Tokugawa missed the climactic battle of Sekigahara by several days.

A disk (labeled with the Sanada mon) is placed in the circle next to Ueda castle before the game begins. It represents the cunning of Sanada Masayuki. Any loss inflicted on Ueda castle in a siege may destroy this chip instead of a block.

Mori Terumoto

Mo-ri Terumoto was the most powerful daimyo of Ishida's coalition. Ishida feared being overshadowed and left Mo-ri in Osaka with a high title but no active role. Some Mori forces remained in Osaka with their leader, others traveled into battle with his son.

Those that traveled felt their dign ity in - sulted by Ishida s treatment of their daimyo. Mori forces declined to participate in the cli- mactic battle that ended in their coalition's defeat. Had Mo-riTerumoto been made the active commander of coalition forces, he would have threatened Ishida's primacy severely, but the fighting force deployed would have been far more potent.

Mo-ri Terumoto (the Mo-ri leader) and four Mo-ri blocks-all marked with a triangle-begin the game face-up in the Mo-ri Box. The Ishida player can bring these blocks into the game by sacrificing cards.

For each card sacrificed (dis- carded) during any Ishida Movement Phase, one Mo-ri block is moved from the Mo-ri box to Osaka. The last block brought on is always the Mo-ri leader.

No blocks are ever added to the Mo-ri Box, only removed.

These blocks cannot move on the same turn they arrive in Osaka.

If Osaka is attacked by Tokugawa forces, at the moment combat is declared, all blocks in the Mo-ri Box appear in Osaka and join the battle.

Ii Naomasa Red Devils

Ii Naomasa and his warriors, known as the Red Devils, were some of Tokugawa's fiercest defenders. They were first to storm the field at Sekigahara, though the honor was designated for Fukushima Masanori.

The Ii clan has a single block, with four mon. It is the only 4-mon block in the game. It begins the game with Fukushima's forces in Kiyosu. There are no Ii cards. The Ii block deploys in battle with any card (except a Loyalty Challenge).

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