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Rating: 6.4 Fair
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 90 minutes

Created by: Michael Lachtanski, Dave Long (II), Michael Lachtanski

Published by: Scimitar Games, Inc.


In Sector 41, you play one of 4 races that converge upon this unstable sector of space with plans to plunder the Glynium contained within.

You control a Mother Ship, which moves around the edge of the sector, and 3 Explorers that are sent in to find and tow out the Glynium as well as preventing your opponents from doing the same.

The board is a grid of 81 randomly placed tiles that are revealed as the Explorers search for the Glynium.

Explorers can intercept each other and the Mother Ships can Fold Space to alter the configuration of the board.

The ancient Guardian of Sector 41 also angers as the players plunder the resources of his home and will eventually turn against them.

The base game comes with 4 additional variants:

Child Variant (15 minutes, 8 and older).

Quick Play Variant (Shorter game on a 64 tile board).

Centralized Glynium Variant (More Challenging configuration).

Team Variant (2 vs 2 team play)

Retail Price:$34

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