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  • Game cube with 96 letter pegs
  • Score pad
  • Sand timer
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

In SCRUBLE Cube, players form words on the cube using letter pegs of different values.

The letter pegs rotate to allow for easier pattern recognition. In SCRUBLE Cube, words can begin and end anywhere on the cube and are formed in a single line.

Words may be formed around the cube surface using adjacent letters so that more than one cube surface is part of the word formed. The SCRUBLE Cube game contains premium pegs for added word and letter point scoring. Diagonal words are not permitted.


Players take the cube and begin their turn. Turns may be either timed, using the sand timer, or untimed until a suitable word is formed.

The timer is 1 minute and 30 seconds and can be turned over two or more times to lengthen a turn if all players agree.

Game Play Option #1

  1. The first player forms a word consisting of three or more letters (or four if you choose to make it harder!). The score is added up by combining the letter points for that word.

    In SCRUBLE Cube Game Play Option #1, premium letter scoring is applied when premium pegs are placed at the beginning or end of a word. The point value of the letter next to the premium peg is adjusted according to the premium scoring on the face of the peg.

    For instance a "3X Letter Score" at the end of the word "STREET" would add 3x1 (the letter value for "T") to the total score - in this case a total of 8 as all of the letters in this example have a point value of one.

  2. Similarly a "2X Word Score" at the beginning or end of the same word above would have a total score value of 12 as 6x2 is 12.

  3. You complete your turn by announcing the word point total for your word and the score is then recorded. You then pass the cube clockwise to the next player. Premium letter or word pegs do not apply on subsequent turns for that word.

  4. Unlike a crossword puzzle, in SCRUBLE Cube, the next player may form an entirely new word - separate from any other words to get a new score.

    However, if the second player is able to form a crossword like connection to an existing word, that player will receive the score for both words.

    For example, if the word "STREET" was intersected by the second player with the word "ELF" (a six point word) he would receive credit for both "ELF" and "STREET" for a total of 12 points. An intersecting word must consist of AT LEAST 3 letters.

  5. New words may be formed by:

    1. Adding one or more letters to a word or letters already on the cube.
    2. Placing a word at right angles, crossword fashion, to a word already on the cube to receive credit for both words.
    3. Creating an entirely new standalone word.
    4. At least one new letter must be moved into place for a player to record a score during a turn.
    5. Premium letter pegs do not apply on an existing word but do apply when placed at the beginning or end of a new word.
  6. Two "Wild Card" pegs exist in Game Play Option #1 and #2 and they may be used as any letter. They have "SCRUBLE Cube" on the face. They have no point value.

  7. The game ends when one player exceeds a target number of points or a predetermined number of rounds have been played. A typical SCRUBLE Cube target is 100 points or 10 rounds.


  1. Scores are tallied at the end of each players turn. A number at the bottom of the peg indicates the core value of each letter. The score value of "Wild Card" pegs is zero.

  2. The score for each turn is the sum of the letter values in each word (or words in the case of crossword formation of two words) formed or modified on that turn - plus any additional points from premium pegs used at the beginning or end of the word.

  3. In SCRUBLE Cube, a word of six letters gets a bonus of 5 points and a word of seven or eight letters gets a bonus of 10 points.

    Nine or more letters receives a bonus of 15 points. A word that has letter components on THREE sides of the cube receives an additional bonus of 10 points.

Game Play Option # 2

  1. All steps outlined in Game Play Option #1 apply except that ALL premium pegs are considered "Wild Cards" and may be used as any letter.

    Unlike "Wild Card" pegs they do have added value in that "Word Score" multiplying pegs are used to multiply the score of the words that they are part of. "Letter Score" multiplying pegs are used to increase the score value of either adjacent letter (whichever has a higher value) as long as the adjacent peg is part of that word.

    As an example the word CRAZY below, using a 2X premium letter peg wild card for "Z", would score 13 points because you double the letter point value for "Y".

  2. Play ends when reaching an agreed upon point total or number of turns. A typical SCRUBLE Cube target is 100 points or 10 rounds.

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