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  • Deck of Letter Cards
  • Deck of Category Cards
  • 2 "I Know" Cards
  • Plastic Card Tray.

Object of the Game

Collect cards by being the first to slap the "I Know" card with correct answers for the ever-changing letter and category combos.

When either card pile runs out, the game ends and the player with the most cards wins!


Remove the two "I Know" cards from the deck and place one in the center of the play area where everyone can reach it. The other "I Know" card is an extra, which you should place aside (out of play).

Shuffle the letter card deck and the category card deck (make sure to keep each deck separate from the other), then place the category deck face up in one side of the card tray and the letter deck face up in the other side.

Take one card at random from each deck and place it facedown on top of the pile. Keep the card tray handy, where everyone can clearly see it.

Game Play

Scattergories: The Card Game is a fast-paced game in which each player vies to be first to slap the "I Know" card with an answer every time a new letter and category combination is revealed. Here's how to play:

To begin a game, one player turns the top card in each pile face up, to reveal the first letter and category combo. All players at the same time now quickly try to think of an answer that begins with that letter and fits that category.

The first player to think of an answer quickly slaps the "I Know" card and says, "I know!" then shouts out the answer.

For example, if the letter card is C and the category card is Desserts, players may slap the "I Know" card and say, "I know! Cake!" or "I know! Cookies!" or "I know! Chocolate pudding!"

Sometimes, several players will slap the "I Know" card. Only the one who slapped first (his hand should be at the bottom of the pile) gets to shout out an answer.

If the answer is questionable, the other players debate and decide if the answer was a correct one (majority rules). For example, "carrot" would not be an acceptable answer for a dessert beginning with "c". If the answer is deemed to be incorrect, the next player "in the pile" shouts out an answer and will score if deemed correct.

After a correct answer, the successful player takes either the letter card or the category card and places it in front of him or her. This immediately reveals a new letter and category combo, and the fast action continues as players quickly slap the "I Know" card with answers for the new combo!


If no one can answer within 30 seconds (or so, up to you), just remove either card and place it in the middle of the pile. Start play again with a new combo.

Do's and Don't's

  • Always say, "I know!" If you forget to do this, you can't collect a card, even if you shout out a correct answer. The next player to slap the "I Know" card, says "I know!" and attempts to give a correct answer. If so, he gets the card.

    Important Note: If you slap the "I Know" card first and shout out a correct answer without first saying "I know!" the next player can use your answer by first saying "I know!" (Your fault for not following the rules!)

  • Be right! If you give an incorrect answer after saying, "I know!" you must return one of your cards to the middle of the card pile.

  • Be ready! "Dead air" is unfair! So, don't slap the "I Know" card unless you're ready with an answer. If you hesitate, you must return a card to the middle of the pile.

  • No repeats! Don't use the same answer for the same category more than once in a game. Repeats count as incorrect answers.

  • No hovering hands! Until you're ready to slap, you must keep your hand at least six inches away from the "I Know" card.

End of the Game

Keep playing until either one of the card piles runs out. Players count up their cards, and the player with the most cards wins.

In case of a tie, just play again!

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