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  • 6 Folders
  • 6 Clip strips
  • 1 Answer pad
  • 20-Sided die
  • 48 Category cards
  • Timer
  • Die-rolling board
  • 6 Pencils

Object of the Game

Quickly fill out a category list with answers that begin with the same letter. Score points if no other player matches your answers. To win the game, score the most points.


Separate the category cards into 6 sets of List #1 through List #16. Each set has 8 cards.

For all 6 folders, do the following: slide a set of category cards under the left clip, an answer sheet under the middle and right clips, and a pencil into the middle holder.

Game Play

The game is played in 3 rounds. To play a round, do the following steps in order:

  1. Each player takes a folder. Decide which List # you want to use, and clip the card onto the folder so that it is facing you. Make sure each player is using the same List #.

  2. Set the die-rolling board on the table. One player rolls the letter die on the board and calls out the rolled letter. The rolled letter is the key letter that will be used in this round of play.

    Caution: the 20-sided die is heavy. Roll it only on the die-rolling board to prevent possible damage to table tops.

  3. Start the timer: Turn the timer upside- down, and make sure it's on the 3- minute (• • •) setting. (If necessary, slide the switch to this setting). Then turn the timer rightside-up again.

    Press the top of the timer to start it ticking. (To reset the timer at any time press it to stop, then press it again to start). Now the round begins!

  4. All players quickly fill in the first column of their answer sheets. Answers must fit the category, and must begin with the key letter. See Rules for Acceptable Answers. (These rules also appear inside each folder).

    Figure 2 shows an example of a filled- in answer sheet. Players are using List #1 and the letter P was rolled.

  5. When the timer stops, all players must immediately stop writing.

  6. Scoring the round: Players, in turn, read their answers aloud. Players mark their own answer sheets by circling acceptable answers that do not match any other player's answers. Continue reading answers until all 12 categories have been marked. Then score 1 point for each of your circled answers. Record your score at the top of the column on your answer sheet, as shown in Figure 3.

Starting a new round

Roll a new letter, start the timer, and continue playing, using the same category list you did in the previous round. Fill in the next column with your new answers.

Note: if the same letter is rolled twice in a game, reroll the die for a different letter.

End of the Game

After 3 rounds have been played, all players total the 3 scores on their answer sheets. The player with the highest score wins!

See Figure 4 for a fully-scored sheet:

In case of a tie: The players who tied play one more round with a new letter. The player with the highest score in that round is the winner.

Rules for Acceptable Answers

  • The first word of your answer must begin with the key letter.

  • The articles "A", "An" and "The" cannot be used as key letters. For example, "B" is the key letter for the "movie title", A Beautiful Mind; "P" is the key letter for the "book", The Pelican Brief.

  • The same answer cannot be given more than once in the same round.

    For example, you cannot answer Gary for A BOY'S NAME and for U.S. Cities.

  • When answering with a proper name, you may use the first or last name, as long as the key letter is the first letter of your answer. For example, if the key letter is G and the category is PRESIDENTS, your answer could be George Bush or Garfield, lames.

  • Creative answers can be acceptable. For example, if the category is SPICES/HERBS and the key letter is P, you could answer Posh. But if one player challenges the answer, the group must vote on its acceptability.

Challenged Answers

While answers are being read, other players may challenge their acceptability. When an answer is challenged, all players (even the challenged player) vote on whether the answer is acceptable. Players who accept the answer give a thumbs-up sign. Players who do not accept the answer give a thumbs-down sign.

In case of a tie, the challenged player's vote does not count.

Starting a new Game

To start a new game, remove the answer sheet and clip on a blank one (answer sheets are two-sided). Also remove the category card and clip it on the other side, or clip on another card with the desired List # facing you.

Make sure all players are using the same List #.

Game Variations

  • Extra points: When answering with proper names or titles, score an extra point for using the key letter more than once as a first letter in your answer.

    For example: Ronald Reagan, Carson City, Simon and Schuster, and The Brady Bunch for 2 points; Hubert Horatio Humphrey for 3 points.

  • Time challenge: For an extra-challenging game with less time, set the timer to the 2 1/2-minute (••) or 2- minute (•) setting. To set the timer, just turn it upside-down and slide the switch to the desired setting.

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