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Honor continues to be stronger than steel in the life of the samurai warrior, and no sword can cut so deep as failure.

Stealthy Ninja and faithful Samurai will have to face a double threat: the Ronin! Rising Sun is an expansion for the Samurai Sword game. Inside you will find new cards, new characters, and new rules-you can even play with up to 8 players!


  • 12 Character cards
  • 8 Role cards
  • 10 Property Cards
  • 13 Action Cards
  • 2 summary cards
  • 15 Honor Points
  • 18 Resilience Points
  • Instructions
  • 17 Weapon Cards

Game Play

Rising Sun features 12 new Characters (which are shuffled together with the original ones), 40 new playing cards (to be shuffled with the basic playing cards), and 2 summary cards with the new scoring chart.

There are also additional tokens and new Role cards-allowing you to play with eight players! The rules of Samurai Sword remain the same, except for the following additions:

New Rule: Banzai!

If you lose all of your Resilience Points, you must immediately discard from the draw deck a number of cards equal to your starting Resilience Points (the number shown on your Character card).

This applies to both new and old characters. Example: When Yoshihiro loses all of his Resilience Points, discard the top 8 cards from the deck.

New Rule: "Reveal"

If the rules or a card effect says you must "reveal" a card, you must turn over the top card of the draw pile and place it face up on the discard pile. Then, check the symbol (its "suit") in the lower right corner.

The card/ability will trigger if a particular symbol is revealed, as specified on the card/ability itself. There are four symbols:

New Rule: Shogun Priority in Ties

Unlike the basic game, the winning priority between the Ninja and the Samurai is reversed.

That is, if there is a tie between the Samurai/Shogun team and any other team, the Samurai/Shogun team wins. If there is a tie between the Ninja and the Ronin(s), however, the Ninja win, as in the basic game.

New Rules for 4 and 6 Players

Before the game, take 1 of the 2 new Samurai Role cards at random, face down, and mix it with the other Roles. Put the other Samurai Role in the box, without revealing it.

The new Samurai Role cards have stars (like the Ninja). At the end of the game, if the Samurai in play is the one with 1 star, the Shogun's score is doubled while the Samurai's score remains unchanged.

Otherwise (i.e., if the Samurai in play is the one with 3 stars), the Samurai's score is doubled and the Shogun's score is unchanged.

To help you remember, the Shogun Role card shows 2 stars: between the Shogun and the Samurai, double the score of the player with the most stars.

New Rules for 8 Players

If you are playing an 8-player game, use all of the new Role cards. The Shogun starts with 5 Honor Points, all other players start with 4. There are 2 Ronin: one with 1 star and one with 2 stars.

The two Ronin are a team-without knowing in advance who their partner is! During scoring, remember that the Daimyo is worthless to both Ronin. The Ronin with 2 stars doubles his score, while the other's score is not changed. To help you remember, use the new summary cards.

The Cards


  • Concurrent Attack: Chiyome's ability does not prevent the loss of the Resilience Point when she plays the card. It is not a Weapon, so do not apply the abilities of Tomoe, Ushiwaka, etc.

  • Counterattack: Counts as Parry, but only against Weapons. If the attacking player does not play a , he suffers only 1 wound, regardless of Weapons, abilities, or Properties (e.g. Fast Extraction).

    If the attacker loses his last Resilience Point this way, he must give 1 Honor Point to the player who --- played Counterattack and immediately end his turn. You cannot play Counterattack in response to another Counterattack.

  • Mimicry: It works at any Difficulty, and can affect your own cards. It cannot be used to draw cards from a player's hand.

  • Intuition: Cards are shown at the same time. Cards not chosen are taken back into the hands of their owners.


  • Attendant: With this card, Hideyoshi would draw 4 cards in his Draw phase.

  • Peasant: The Peasant must already be in play: it cannot be discarded from your hand to avoid suffering a wound.

    It can be used in any situation that would result in the loss of 1 Resilience Point (Weapons, Battle Cry, Jujutsu, Concurrent Attack, or special abilities like those of Shima or Nobunaga, etc)..

  • Bleeding Wound: Stays in play even if you have just 1 Resilience Point, fas and you must reveal a card in any case. If you also have Bushido, check it before the Bleeding Wound.

    If you are harmless, first recover all your Resilience Points, then check the Bleeding Wound. If you have multiple Bleeding Wounds, check each one separately.

  • Kote: You may choose yourself.

  • Curse: If you lose an Honor Point without losing all of your Resilience Points (e.g., due to Bushido), this effect is not activated. When you discard all your properties, the Curse (being a Property) is also discarded.


  • Chigiriki: target can use Weapons that count as , such as Jitte.

  • Jitte: You may play this card as either a Weapon or a Parry, but never both! In other words, you may not use it as a Counterattack.

  • Kozuka: If allowed (e.g., by having Focus), Kozuka can also be used to immediately attack again. It does not work if the target discards a Peasant instead of suffering a wound.

  • Kusanagi:

  • Makibishi: Cannot be used against harmless players with no

  • Manriki Gusari.

  • Shigehto Yumi: This ability is in addition to any special abilities (e.g., Goemon) or effects of other cards (e.g., Focus).

  • Tanto: If you use it on yourself, you do not lose any Honor Points: on the contrary, you gain one.

  • Tessen: See Jitte.

  • Zen: To assess the number of wounds, count all Properties in play, including Bushido, Bleeding Wound, etc.


  • Bokuden.

  • Gracia: If, at the start of your turn, you already have all your Resilience Points, you gain nothing. If you have a Bleeding Wound in play, apply Gracia's ability first, then check the Bleeding Wound.

  • Kanbei: Does not apply to Properties in hand. You can also discard Bushido, Bleeding Wound, or Curse.

  • Kenshin: Weapon cards with a symbol other than can be played on Kenshin, but do not have any effect. Unlike Chiyome, you are affected by cards like Battle Cry, Jujutsu, etc.

  • Lady Chacha.

  • Masamune: You are not always forced to reveal 3 cards: you can stop, if you wish, after you reveal a satisfactory one. The ability of Masamune also works when checking Bushido: read Bushido as "On your turn, flip up to 3 cards".

  • Motonari: The ability does not activate if a player loses an Honor Point without losing all of his Resilience Points, nor if he becomes harmless because he has no more cards in hand. The ability also activates if you lose all your Resilience Points..

  • Okuni: Also works to prevent collective cards such as Jujutsu, Battle Cry, etc. from affecting you (but not the other players).

  • Shima: This ability works regardless of the Difficulty. It can only be used during your turn, and can affect your own properties in play (e.g., Bleeding Wound or Curse).

  • Shingen: You can play an unlimited number of ^^BWeapons, plus 1 Weapon with a different symbol (or more, if you have Focus in play)..

  • Yoshihiro: This ability only applies to Weapons, not to other cards like Battle Cry or Jujutsu, or other effects or abilities.

  • Yukimura: If that player loses his last Resilience Point this way, he must give you 1 Honor Point and end his turn immediately. It works no matter which way you lose a Resilience Point (Weapons, Jujutsu, etc)., but not on those lost due to a Bleeding Wound.

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