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Unless your Character card says otherwise, you may use your abilities as many times as you wish (if possible).

  • Benkei (5): All other players have +1 Difficulty when they attack you.

  • Chiyome (4): You can only be wounded by Weapon cards. You are not affected by Jujutsu and Battle Cry cards. You are affected normally by other Action cards, such as Tea Ceremony.

  • Goemon (5): You may play 1 additional Weapon card during your turn. So, if you have 1 Focus in play, you may play up to 3 Weapon cards each turn.

  • Ginchiyo (4): You take 1 wound less than normal when attacked by any Weapon, to a minimum of 1 wound. E.g., a Nodachi would only deal 2 wounds to you instead of 3, but a Shuriken still inflicts 1 wound.

  • Hanzo (4): You may play a Weapon card from your hand as a parry , unless it is the only card in your hand. You may use this ability even in response to cards such as Battle Cry.

  • Hideyoshi (4): You draw 1 card more than normal during the Draw Phase of your turn.

  • Ieyasu (5): During your Draw Phase, you may take the top card of the discard pile as your first draw. Any other cards you draw must come from the +draw deck.

  • Kojiro (5): Your Weapons can hit any Difficulty, regardless of the value on your Weapon card.

  • Musashi (5): If you successfully attack another character with a Weapon card, you inflict 1 additional wound. This does not apply to cards that are not Weapons, like Jujutsu.

  • Nobunaga (5): During your Play Phase, you may discard 1 Resilience Point to draw 1 card from the deck. You may not use your last Resilience Point in this way.

  • Tomoe (5): Each time you successfully attack another character with a Weapon card, you draw 1 card from the deck. You only draw 1 card, even if your Weapon does more than 1 wound.

  • Ushiwaka (4): Each time you suffer a wound from a Weapon card, you draw 1 card from the deck (so 3 wounds = 3 cards).

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