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When playing Sagrada by yourself, you're trying to beat a Target Score. The Target Score is the sum of the values from all the dice on the Round Track at the end of the game.


Each game is set up as normal with a few small changes:

  • Favor Tokens are not used.

  • 2 Public Objectives and 2 Private Objective are placed face up.

  • Place Tool Cards based on the level of difficulty you wish to play, between 1 Tool (Most Challenging) and 5 Tools (Easiest).

Game Play

Each game is played as normal in 10 rounds, with a few small changes:

  • Each round, pull 4 dice from the Dice Bag and roll them.

  • Take 2 turns, choosing to draft and place a die (as normal) and/or use a Tool Card, or pass.

Tool Cards

Tool Cards may be used only once by spending dice from the Draft Pool. To use a Tool Card place a die from the Draft Pool that matches the color shown on the top-left of the Tool Card.

Note: Each Tool Card may only be used once. Both the die spent and the Tool Card are now removed from play.

End Of The Round

All remaining dice are placed on the Round Track as normal, taking care to not change the value of any dice. If no dice remain, use a Score Marker as a placeholder.

End of the Game

The game ends after the end of 10th round. Before flipping the Round Track, add up the Target Score:

  1. The Target Score is the sum of the values from all the dice on the Round Track. Dice used to pay for Tool Cards are not counted.

  2. Tally your Victory Point total as normal (selecting only one of the two Private Objectives), however, you lose 3 Victory Points for each open space.

  3. If your Victory Point total is greater than the Target Score, you win!

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