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  • 40 Challenges & Solutions (Beginner to Expert)
  • 1 Red Car
  • 4 Blocking Trucks
  • 11 Blocking Cars
  • 1 Traffic Grid
  • Game-Go Bag
  • Instructions

Game Play

The Object: Slide the Red Car through the exit to freedom!


Select a challenge card and place the cars and trucks on the traffic grid as indicated by the illustration.

Game Play

Slide the blocking cars and trucks in their lanes-up and down, left and right-until the path is clear for the red car to escape.

Vehicles can only slide forward & backward, not sideways.

One Rule

No lifting the cars or trucks off the traffic grid surface. Stay in your lanes!

If You're Stuck

Just dump the pieces out of the grid and start over.

If your Brain Stalls

The complete move sequence solution is printed on the back of each challenge card.

Cards and Trucks

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