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Less Random Setup

For a less random setup, give each player one die of each player color (green, blue, red, white, purple, and black), rather than drawing randomly from the dice bag.

Then, if playing with three players, give each player a gold die in addition to the set of six dice, or if playing with four players, two gold dice. All players roll their dice and place them on their Characer Sheets as in the standard game.

Random Market Deck

During setup, shuffle the entire Market deck together, disregarding the single-dot and double-dot indicators before discarding cards to create the discard pile (if necessary). This will add more variety to the game.

Short Game

During setup, each player draws and rolls two additional dice and places them on their Character Sheet. Thus, the number of dice each player draws is equal to the number of players plus six (8/9/10 dice for 2/3/4 players, respectively).

If playing with three or four players, no additional Gold is received for being the third or fourth player during setup.

Friendly Market

During the Market Phase, if a player chooses to take 2 Gold instead of buying a card, they do not discard a card from the Market. Abilities that are triggered when a player discards a card from the Market are still activated.

Solitaire Rules


Use the setup for a two-player game, with the following changes:

  • Setup a single Character Sheet for the player.

  • Remove the "Diplomacy" Market card and then setup the Market deck as in the two player game.

  • Remove 1 Gold die from the bag and set it off to the side. This is the "enemy" die.

  • After creating the Market, flip the top card of the Market deck to create a separate "trash" pile next to the "discard" pile.

  • Draw six starting dice from the dice bag, roll them, and arrange them on the Character sheet.

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