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General: If there is ever a discrepancy between a card and the rulebook, follow the rules on the card.

Attuned (Druid Class Ability): The player may return any card from the Market discard pile to the Market. They do not replace cards; they add to them. For example, in a four player game, the player may add a sixth card to the Market from the Market discard pile before the Market Phase begins.

Charming (Bard Class Ability): Both buys are made during the player 's turn in the Market Phase. If a Charisma token is used, it only applies to one buy. Charming cannot be used to discard cards from the Market to gain Gold.

Climb / Intimidate: These abilities only affect the dice on Initiative cards that have not yet been selected in the Dice Phase. When reordering the dice on the Initiative cards in the center of the table, the player follows the ordering rules from the Roll Phase as though they were the Start Player.

Diplomacy: When used, this card is exhausted while the targeted Skill card is not exhausted. It is possible to use Diplomacy to adjust the Alignment of the player who used Diplomacy and not take the action on the target Skill card.

Jeweled Dagger / Longsword: When a player scores their Attribute Goals with these weapons, dice can be valued as greater than 6. These Weapon cards have no effect when determining if a player has met requirements on a Trait card like Reckless or Weak. Example: If a player has the Jeweled Dagger and has a Blue 5, a Gold 6 and a Gold 5 in Strength, their Attribute Score is 18 = 5 + 6 (+1) + 5 (+1) when scoring their Attribute Goals.

Move Silently: When using Move Silently to buy a card from the Market discard pile, a player may not also discard a card from the Market and gain the 2 Gold. Charisma tokens may be used when purchasing from the discard pile.

If used with the Heavy Crossbow, the player does pay 1 fewer Gold when buying from the Market discard pile.

Negotiate: When using Negotiate, if the player places a gold die from the Dice Pool on their Character Sheet, the player does gain 2 Gold from the supply. When reordering the dice on the Initiative cards, the player follows the rules from the Roll Phase as though they were the Start Player.

Open Lock: When using Open Lock to buy a card from the top of the Market deck, discounts may not be used (Charisma tokens, Heavy Crossbow, etc). If the card bought is a Trait card, the player must move the tracking token on their Alignment card, if movement from the current position is possible.

Search: The player may look at the contents of the dice bag when selecting a die from it. Gold is awarded to the player if a gold die is placed on the player 's Character Sheet as a result of using Search.

Sleight of Hand: When a die is moved as a result of using Sleight of Hand, it does not trigger the Attribute Action in the new location, and Gold is not awarded to the player if the die is moved to the final space of an Attribute Row. After this Skill card is used, close any open spaces by sliding all dice to the left.

Tower Shield: If the player has either no Armor or only complete Armor sets (i.e., 5 Chain, 4 Leather or 3 Mystic), no additional Reputation Stars are earned.

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