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  • Set up the land board and lunar board, and place the year marker on "year 1" of the score chart.

  • Separate cards into 8 decks (3 territory, 5 command); remove any "wild MOD" and blank cards.

  • Devastated lands: randomly draw four land territory cards and place devastation markers on them. These land territory cards are set aside for the rest of the game.

  • Each player receives: 3 one-point energy chips; army units (3/35; 4/30; 5/25); a Land Commander, a Diplomat Commander, and one Space Station.

  • Roll a die to determine order for placing units.

  • In turn order, place a single 1-MOD unit into any empty non-devastated land territory until they are all occupied. Then, place 3 units at a time in occupied territories until all starting armies are on the board. There is no limit as to the number of units on a single territory.

  • In order, place your Land and Diplomat Commanders and Space Station (one at a time). Note: how much energy a player has, and the types and # of cards, is public knowledge.

Object of the Game

After 5 turns have the most control over territories, continents and colonies and "colony influence" (victory points).

Final Score = [number Of Territories] + [continent/colony Bonuses] + [colony Influence Cards]

After the end of turn 5 all players calculate their scores.

Space Station

  • Cost $5 each, and only one may be placed in a land territory. Maximum 4 per person.

  • Produce 1 MOD in that territory at the start of the player's turn.

  • All units in territory defend with a D8.

  • Only units in a territory with a Space Station may attack the Moon.

  • If captured, remove and replace with attacker's Space Station.


  • Cost $3 each, all defend with a D8, and may be replaced on the next turn if killed.

  • If you use your commander to attack and win, you must move the commander in.

  • +Strategy: use the commander to whittle down the defensive forces, then roll regular MODs.

  • Commanders just have to be on the board to attack into water or space; they don't have to be leading the attacking forces.

  • If your Land Commander dies you can still attack from land to other land territories.

Land Commanders

Attacks/defends with D8. Must possess to buy/play Land Command cards

Naval Commanders

Attacks/defends from/into water with D8. Must possess to attack into water and to buy/play Naval Command cards.

Space Commanders

Attacks/defends from/into the moon with D8. Must possess to attack into the Moon and to buy/play Lunar Command cards.

Nuclear Commanders

Attacks/defends with D8. Must possess to buy/play Nuclear Command cards.


Attacks with a D6, but defends with D8. Must possess to buy/play Diplomat cards.

Phases Of The Game

I. Beginning Of Year

Silent bid auction for turn order selection.

All bids are spent, regardless of outcome.

All ties are decided by a die roll.

II. Player Turns (in Turn Order)

A. Collect And Place Mods

Place bonus MOD in territories with Space Stations. Collect/place MODS and energy based on territory chart (# of territories ÷ 3). Collect/place MODS based on complete continent and colony bonuses.

B. Buy And Place Commanders And Space Stations

Commanders cost $3 each, and Space Stations cost $5 (limit of 4 total).

C. Buy Command Cards

Must possess the appropriate Commander to purchase the matching cards. Each card costs $1, and must purchase all (up to 4 per turn) before looking.

D. Play Command Cards

Must possess the appropriate Commander to play the corresponding cards. If card specifies a cost to play it, it is paid when the card is used. No limit to the # of cards that can be played each turn; resolved one at a time. Once a card is drawn used, it is out of play for the rest of the game.

E. Attack Phase

Attackers may make multiple attacks, and must declare where they are attacking from and what dice they are using. Defenders then can respond. Once an attack is declared, there must be at least one dice roll before quitting.

If you attack and win three contested territories, immediately earn $1 and draw one command card of your choice (must have corresponding commander). If a player is eliminated, that person's Command Cards are discarded.

F. Fortify Position

Move units from one territory to another if a path connects the two areas. Travel to/from the Moon must be via Space Stations. (only way to get off Moon)

III. End Of The Year

Advance the year marker.


Play the Rise of Empires Scenario.

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