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  • gameboard
  • 4 ship tokens
  • 2 dice
  • 32 pirate tokens
  • 12 treasure cards
  • instructions

Object of the Game

Conquer the seas and become on the pirate with the most treasures and islands at the end of the game.


  1. Choose a ship token and 8 pirate tokens of the same color.

  2. Shuffle the treasure cards and put them face down on each of the treasure boxes on the game board.

  3. The youngest player starts and places one of the pirate tokens on the island of choice.

    Then starting from the left, all the players take turns placing a pirate token on an island until there is a pirate on each island except on the skull island (in the center).

  4. Put the rest of your pirate tokens aside and place your ship on the skull island to start.

Game Play

The youngest player begins, and the game continues to the left.

On your turn:

Move your ship to an island connected by a dotted line. You must move on your turn, and you can only move to one island per turn.

  • If you land on an island where there is a pirate from another player, they have to battle:

    Resolving a Battle

    Both players put a die on their respective ships and launch it by pressing the back of the ship.

    Hold the sides of the boat with your thumb and forefinger, and press the lever to roll the dice!

    • If you draw a higher number than your opponent, you place one of your pirates on the island, and the player who defended the island takes him away.

      If there is a treasure on the island, you can pick it up ... but don't turn the card over yet!

    • If the defending player rolls a higher number or there is a tie, that player is still in control of the island and he or she can keep the treasure..

  • If you fall on an island where there is one of your pirates, nothing happens (even if there is a treasure).

The turn is now over and the game continues clockwise until there are no treasures left.

End of the Game

When all the treasures have an owner, the game ends and now the scoring starts.

Turn all the treasure cards and count the points on the back. Then add the islands you control (each is worth one point).

Give it the turn over your treasure cards and count reverse dots. Then add the islands you control, each worth a point.

The player with the highest points wins.

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