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Taxing Bonuses

London: Welsh Archers

Every time you collecttax from London, add two Archers to London for free.

Paris: Officer in Training

Every time you collect tax from Paris, add one Cavalry and one Footman to Paris for free.

Madrid: Rally the Troops

Every time you collect tax from Madrid, add four Footmen to Madrid for free.

Note: Multiple tax bonuses may occur at the same time during your turn if the cities are under your control and connected to each other when you tax.

Attack and Defence Bonuses

Stockholm: Raid & Pillage

Collect four silver coins from the reserve each time you attack an opponent's territory and win the battle at the end of the round.

Using the Siege Assault bonus action does not activate this bonus.

Berlin: Advanced Mobility & Defences

Every time you complete an Expand or Split Expand order, you may also manoeuvre for free. This manoeuvre bonus may be used only after all other actions on your King's Orders card have been completed.

Your castles also cost three fewer coins to purchase.

Constantinople: Siege Escort

Every time you recruit and place a Siege Weapon, place four Footmen with that weapon for free.

Kiev: Advanced Recruitment

You may now recruit army units into any non-city territory you control that is connected by a supply line to Kiev.

This bonus does not allow you to recruit army units into disputed territories.

Rome Bonus

Rome: Seat of Power

Rome is worth two crowns.

If you take control of Rome, you gain two crowns.

If you lose control of Rome, you lose two crowns.

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