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Set up the game normally with these exceptions:

  • Place 1 corresponding Workshop on the second Workshop slot in each Guild.
  • Use the black components as your player color: meeples, dice, houses, and markers
  • Take one die of each other color: white, yellow, red, green and blue to be used as the Automa dice.
  • Draw a Solo Objective card.
  • Do not play with The Chancery expansion.

Object of the Game

Complete the chosen Solo Objective by the end of ten rounds.

Reference Guide (same as a 2-player game)

  • Available die slots in Cavern Tavern and Construction Yard: 2
  • Available die slots in Guilds: 1
  • Available Apprentice slots in Guilds: 2
  • Income per Apprentice in each Guild: 1 Apprentice: 3 Gold, 2 Apprentices: 2 Gold

Game Play

The game is played according to normal rules but at the beginning of each Round in the Preparation phase, roll all of the Automa dice and place each die in these locations:

  1. White die: first die slot at Cavern Tavern

  2. Green die: first die slot at the Construction Yard

  3. Yellow die: corresponding die slot at the Guild Hall. Discard the Building associated with that slot.

  4. Red and Blue dice: a die slot in a Guild (blocking the Guild for the Round)

    • Value 1: Scholars Guild

    • Value 2: Blacksmiths Guild

    • Value 3: Carpenters Guild

    • Value 4: Wizards Guild

    • Value 5: Merchants Guild

    • Value 6: Artists Guild

    • If both dice have the same value, place one and set aside the other.

    • When an Automa die is placed in a Guild, activate all the Workshops you own in that Guild.

    • You receive x2 the ownership rewards shown above the Workshops

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