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Once you've played Rise of Tribes a few times, you can choose to expand the game with several advanced modes:

Tribal Elders: A special tribe member goes on the board giving you a new power.

Special Terrain: New types of tiles are added to the map.

Leader powers: Each tribe gains unique abilities that can add new elements to the game.

You can mix and match these modes as you choose: playing with one, two, or all three in a single game!

Tribal Elders


Players may choose to bring out their Elder when they build a village. The elder is placed on the newly built village and that player can now use the elder's effect. The elder doesn't add to the hex's population count, or affect conflict.


Once per turn, you have the ability to give a resource to a player and then use the ability of any single development which that player has completed.


If the village holding the elder is destroyed by an opponent, the attacking player gains 1 point, the elder is removed, and you can no longer use its effect. However, the elder can be put back in play with the next village built.

Special Terrain

Special terrain tiles can be swapped with the basic terrain tiles during set up to add bonuses, difficult terrain and hazards to the game. Choose 1 or mix and match several special terrain tiles to change things up or create a scenario to play.

Special terrains still count as the basic land types they were swapped with for the purposes of goals, events, and types of resources produced.

Great Lake, Mountain and Forest

Swap with/counts as: lake, mountain and forest tiles, respectively.

Special: The great lands produce an extra resource of their type during GATHER.

Wild Land

Swap With: Any basic terrain tile.

Counts As: All basic terrain tiles.

Special: When collecting resources from the wild land, players can choose any mix of resources. It cannot be triggered multiple times during a single GATHER action.

Jungle and Desert Oasis

Swap with/counts As: Any forest tile (Jungle), and any lake tile (Desert Oasis).

Special: On these terrains, the active player must have 3 tribe members there before they can GATHER from this tile. Once that requirement is met, the tiles produce the normal amount according to GATHER.

Tar Pit

Swap with/counts as: Any lake tile.

Special: If any tribe has only 1 member on this hex after the conflict phase, that tribe member is removed (lost in the tar!). Each tribe is checked individually for this condition.


Set Up: The first player places the glacier tile OVER one of the mountain tiles. It still counts as a mountain for events, gathering and goals.

Special: The glacier tile has a population limit of 3, can't contain a village, and produces a maximum of 1 stone during GATHER (even with developments).

Each time a player takes the maximum benefit from an action (SUN SUN), place a stone resource on the glacier. 1mmediately after the 5th resource is placed, the glacier melts and is removed. The 5 stone resources are available to the next player who GATHERs from the mountain below.

Advanced Play Leader Powers

Leader Powers

After you have mastered the base game, you can try this Leader Powers variant. Flip over the player board to reveal your leader, and then choose one of the two powers on your tribe's unique Leader Card.

Slide the tribe logo portion of the leader card under the matching logo at the top of your player board.

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