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It's rhyme time with a triple twist. Listen to three consecutive clues and be the first to respond with three correct answers-that rhyme-to collect a card. Collect ten cards to win this tricky, triple-rhyming word race game.

With two levels of play, 600 questions, and game-changing "Steal" Cards, Rhyme Out is a super-duper, throw-you-for-a- looper fun family game!


  • 300 cards (600 questions) at two playing levels, including 60 special "Steal" Cards (30 at each level)
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to collect ten cards. Players collect a card by being first to respond with the three correct rhyming words after hearing the clues.


  1. Decide which side of the game cards to use. The yellow side has easier words and a rhyming word hint.

    Decide if reading the hint aloud will be included, or if the hint will only be read if players ask for it. With younger or more inexperienced players, it is recommended that the hint be read aloud as part of the clues.

    Tip: Even if you have decided to play from the more difficult side, it is helpful to players to read a few cards from the easier side as examples of game play and to establish a rhythm. Do not award these cards to players.

  2. Choose a player to be the first Rhyme Out Reader. This player reads the clues on the cards aloud to the other players and decides who answered correctly first. This task is rotated clockwise to the next player on each turn.

    Tip: Provide pencil and paper to players. Often players know two of the three answer words immediately. Seeing them written down can make conjuring the final rhyming word simpler.

Game Play

  1. The Reader draws the first card and reads the three clues aloud. The cards are numbered 1 -300 for ease of tracking. Note: If the card is a "Steal" Card, the Reader announces this to players before reading the clues. (See Steal Cards).

  2. Players race to respond first with the three correct words in order. There is no penalty for wrong answers.

  3. The first player to answer correctly collects the card.

  4. Pass the box clockwise to the next player to become the new Reader.

End of the Game

Be the first player to collect ten cards and win!


"I guessed first!"

The Reader judges who answered correctly first.

"That's not fair!"

When in doubt as to who answered correctly first, draw another card.

"We give up!"

If no one answers correctly, the Reader is awarded the card. The card box is passed clockwise to a new Reader.

"That's a tie!"

If two players answered at the same time, another card is read ONLY to those who tied. The Reader judges the winner.

"Help! We need a hint!"

The easier side of each card has a hint.

Steal Cards

Collect one of these special cards, and you can steal from another player! You must use your Steal Card immediately. If no other players have cards, you lose the option to steal. Sorry!

Housekeeping Tip

Place all cards used in the game behind the unused cards at the back of the box.

For example, if you use Cards 1 -26 in your first game, place them behind card 150. When you have used cards 1 -150, start on the second deck of 150 cards.

Additional Ways To Play

Here are two ways to make the game easier.

  • Allow players to guess the words out of order.

  • Allow players to guess just two of the three words on the card to collect it. This is particularly effective with younger or less experienced players.

  • On the difficult side of the cards, read just two of the clues. Use the third clue word as a hint. For example, on card 3, the Reader would read the first two clues and then give the hint: Rhymes with hazy.

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