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Modify River Spaces Using River Tiles

For this version, you add the 8 river tiles to the game. They modify the river earnings. At the beginning of the game, shuffle the river tiles face down. Roll a die, count the spaces, beginning with the first space after the starting space, draw the first tile blindly and place it face up on the corresponding river space.

For example, if you roll a "2", you place the first river tile on the second space and, in doing so, replace the 2 karma shown there.

Roll again, count the next spaces and place a tile until either you run out of tiles or the river ends. The final space may never be covered by a river tile.

Return remaining river tiles to the game box.

The River Tiles

Take as many dice of any colors from the supply as you have karma at this moment (e.g., 3 dice of the same color or of different colors, if your karma is at level 3).

Take 3 dice, one of each color shown.

Take the palace action, depending on the character shown (see The "Chambers").

Conduct a market scoring for goods of one kind. Collect the money for up to 3 markets of one type in your province, for which you do not have to pay an extra die.

Advance up to 3 unoccupied spaces on the river and collect the earnings of the space where you stop.

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