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Archer - Town Hall Action

"Swap an opponent's Worker with 1 from the Village". This must be a legal placement. If an opponent has a Black Worker, it cannot be swapped with 1 from the Armoury or Long House (as they require a Grey or White Worker).

Avenger - Crew Action

"If killed, force an opponent to lose a Crew Member also" The Crew Member to be discarded is chosen by the targeted player (not the attacker).

Forager - Crew Action

"Gain 1 additional Provision in the Mill". This is only activated when players take Provisions, not Gold.

Gravedigger - Town Hall Action

"Swap 1 Hired Crew Member with a card from your hand".

This is between the current player and their Hired Crew. The chosen Crew Member is placed back into their hand. They then hire a different Crew Member from their hand (at no cost).

Mercenary - Town Hall Action

"All players must give you 1 Silver or 1 Provision". This decision is made by the targeted players (not the attacker). If they have no Silver, they must offer Provisions (likewise if they have no Provisions). If they have neither, nothing happens.

Sage - Town Hall Action

"Move all 3 Offering Tiles to the bottom of the Stack" This is to clear the current Offering Tiles. They are placed below the Offering' and 3 new tiles are drawn from the top of the stack to replace them.

Scout - Town Hall Action

"Swap an equal amount of cards with an opponent" The attacking player selects an opponent and announces how many cards they wish to swap. Both players select their cards privately and make the swap.

Commonly used phrases worth explaining:

"If Killed..". - These actions are only activated by the current player taking Valkyrie. Deaths caused by Avengers do not activate them.

"Pay 1 Less..". - These actions may result in players paying no Silver, Gold or Provision when taking them. These are still considered legal actions.

Village Buildings

Gate House - Draw 2 cards from the Townsfolk Draw Pile. Players are limited to holding 8 cards in their hand. However, this is only in effect at the end of each turn. If they hold too many cards at this point, they must discard back down to 8.

Town Hall - Play 1 Hand Card. Played cards are placed in the discard pile and their actions resolved immediately. The Town Hall action is shown at the bottom right of each card.

Treasury - Discard 1 Hand Card to gain 2 Silver, or discard 2 cards to gain 1 Gold. Cards are placed in the Discard Pile. Silver or Gold is always taken from the Main Supply.

Barracks - Hire a new Crew Member. Choosing a card from their hand, players pay the required Silver (shown on the left side of each card) to the Main Supply. The newly Hired Crew Member is placed faceup in front of them. Players can never hire more than 5 Crew Members. However, they may choose to discard a Crew Member before hiring a new one.

Note: Players may hire more than 1 of the same Crew Member if they wish.

Armory - Lose 1 Iron to gain 2 Armour, or lose 2 Silver to gain 1 Armour. The Iron or Silver is paid to the Main Supply. Players then move their Score Marker 1 or 2 spaces up the Armoury track. Players cannot purchase more than 10 Armour.

Mill - Gain Provisions or Gold. These are taken from the Main Supply. A Black Worker gains 1 Provision. A Grey Worker gains 2 Provisions. A White Worker gains either 2 Provisions, or 1 Gold.

Silversmith - Gain Silver. This is taken from the Main Supply. A Black Worker gains 3 Silver. A Grey or White Worker gains 2 Silver.

Long House - This allows players to take 1 of 2 actions:

  1. Lose 1 Livestock to gain 2 Provisions - These are exchanged with the Main Supply.

  2. Offer goods to the Chieftain - Pay the required Plunder and/or Silver shown on the desired Offering Tile to the Main Supply. The Offering Tile is picked up and kept facedown in front of the current player. A new Offering Tile is immediately turned over from the Offering Stack to fill the empty space. Players score the VP on their collected Offering Tiles at the game's end.

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