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When night falls on the recycling center, carelessly discarded glass bottles, piles of paper, Plastic cups and tin cans wake up and come to life and have a party with cockroaches, crickets and other pests. However, with the first light of morning shift workers find only waste needing sorting again.

The players try to properly separate bottles, cans, cups, and paper and bring them into the recycling factory to get a lot of money.

Unfortunately, players often produce too much waste and then sometimes dispose of it illegally. The winner is the player whose waste earns the most money.


  • 100 garbage cards
  • 32 reward tokens
  • 4 disposal facility
  • instructions


The R-eco cards have a factory and a money side. They are sorted by colors and with the factory side up stacked in a particular order. The exact composition of the stack depends on the number of players:

  • For 2 players the order from top to bottom is: 0, 1, 2, -2, 4, 5
  • For 3 or 4 players the order from top to bottom is: 0, 1, 2, 3, -2, 4, 5
  • With 5 players the order from top to bottom is: 0, 1, 2, 3, 3, -2, 4, 5

The four stacks with the R-eco factory cards are placed in the middle of the table side by side. The stacks represent four recycling centers.

The "recycling" cards are shuffled and set as the draw pile in the middle of the table.

One "recycling" card is taken from the draw pile and added to the waste side of each recycling plant.

Now, all players take turns taking cards from the draw pile until everyone has three cards in hand. The player who last took out the rubbish starts.

Game Play

The players play in a clockwise direction. Each player completes a full turn before the next player begins.

  1. Play one or more "recycling" cards and take a R-eco factory card if appropriate
    • The player recycles waste by playing one or more "recycling" cards of the appropriate type (color) on the recycling side of the factory.

    • The player may play only "recycling" cards of one type (color) in each turn.

    • If the value of the "recycling" cards on the recycling side of the factory totals four or more, the player receives the top R-eco factory card in the factory. To calculate this value, the cards already played and the cards laid by the current player are added together.

      Note, "4" is not the number of cards, but their total value: 1 "recycling" cards are single and 2 "recycling" cards count as double. The player only receives one R-eco factory card, even if the total value of the rubbish cards "5", "6" or "10".

      The player puts the R-eco factory card with the money side up and arranged by color in front of him. After all the cards rubbish factory are placed in the discard pile.

    • If the total value of the cards on the recycling side of the factory is "1", "2" or "3", the player receives no R-eco factory card this turn.

  2. Take the "waste" cards

    The player must now take all the cards that are on the waste side of the same colored recycling factory to their hand regardless of whether they received an R-eco factory card this turn or not

  3. Check hand limit

    Now the player must check how many cards he has in hand. They may have a maximum of five cards in their hand.

    If the player has reached the limit, nothing happens, but if they have six or more cards in hand, they must place the extra cards face down in front of them.

    These cards remain until the end of the game are the players and are included in the final score at minus one point per card.

  4. Place "recycling" cards in the factory waste
    • After all cards have been removed from the waste side of the factory, the player must refill the waste pile by drawing a number of cards from the deck.

    • The number of cards drawn is one more than the total value of the cards on the recycling side of the factory.

    • When the draw pile is exhausted, the discard pile is shuffled and recycled as a new draw pile.

Then the next player in a clockwise direction takes their turn

End of the Game

The game ends when a player takes the last R-eco factory card of one of the factories.

This player must complete their turn normally, including taking waste cards and checking their hand limit, discarding any excess cards in the usual way. Now the R-eco factory cards and the face down cards of the players are evaluated.


  • A player must have more than one R-eco factory card of a color for it to be counted. If a player has only one R-eco factory card of a given color, this color does not score points.

  • Each player adds together the values of each color of R-eco factory card.

  • From this amount deduct any "recycling" cards face down in front of them (minus one point per card).

  • Anyone with no face down "recycling" cards receives bonus points equal to the number of players with face down "recycling" cards in front of them (plus one in four and five player games, plus two points for three players, plus three for two players).

The player with the most points wins the game.

In case of a tie, the player with the fewest hidden cards wins. If there is still a tie, all players involved in the tie share the win.

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