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Quelf Jr. is the game of totally silly, nonsensical fun that's super easy to play! It's as simple as picking up a card and doing what it tells you to do.


  • 165 cards
  • Funtastic game board
  • 6 game pieces & bases
  • Sand timer
  • Player guide


First, position the game board where everyone can reach it. Separate the Quelf Jr. cards into one pile and the Ms. Goody Gumdrops cards into another, making sure to shuffle each pile.

Game board

Choose a character game piece and put it on the start space.


The youngest player starts, and play continues to the left.

Game Play

On each turn:

  1. Draw a Quelf Jr. card and read it out loud.

  2. Obey the card!

  3. If the card has a TIMER on it, make sure to set the timer before you start.

  4. If you do what the card tells you to do, move ahead as many spaces as the card says, then discard it to the bottom of the pile.

  5. If you land on a Ms. Goody Gumdrops space, draw a Ms. Goody Gumdrops card and keep it in front of you.

    These cards may be played at any time to allow you to move ahead extra spaces. Once used, discard them to the bottom of the pile.


  • Quelf Jr. Cards

    Regular Quelf Jr. cards ask you to answer crazy questions, use your imagination, or perform silly stunts. If you obey the card, you move ahead.

  • Mr. Sourface Cards

    Mr. SourFace is a cranky old man. Watch out if you draw a Mr. SourFace card, you'll need to move back.

  • Ms. Goody Gumdrops Cards

    Ms. Goody Gumpdrops is happy and helpful.

    When you land as Ms. Goody Gumdrops space, pick up one of these cards, and Ms. Good Gumpdrops may help you move ahead.

End of the Game

The first player to make it to the finish space wins the game!

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