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If you own both a Kingdomino and a Queendomino, you can combine them and stage a " Royal Wedding ". Now you can play 3 different variations of the game!

Whichever version you choose to play, prepare the dominoes from both boxes as you normally would. Each box keeps its own dominoes, and each set has a different back to differentiate them.

The rules for selecting and placing the dominoes stay the same. However, the first line of dominoes you lay out will always come from the Queendomino box, and the second line will always come from the Kingdomino box. Keep alternating this way until the end of the game.

Play Individually

  • 3 to 4 player games: Build 7x7 grids, and lay out 4 dominoes at a time. For 3 player games, discard the remaining domino at the end of each round.

  • 5 to 6 player games: Build 5x5 grids, and lay out 8 dominoes at a time. Discard the remaining dominoes at the end of each round.

Note: It is possible, but not recommended, to play 7 or 8 player individual games. Players would build 5x5 grids and lay out 8 dominoes out at a time (discarding the extra in a 7 player game). For groups larger than 6, we suggest playing with teams.

Play In Teams

6 or 8 players can play in 2 player teams. Each team works together to build a 7x7 kingdom around a shared Castle. Lay out 8 dominoes at a time (for 6 players playing in teams of 2, discard the remaining dominoes at the end of each round).

Before each game, decide on 2 player teams. Team members should sit side-by-side.

Each team picks a color and shares the corresponding Castle, while each player receives their own individual King Meeple. Teams start out with one Knight, and Coins that add up to a value of 7. Team members can consult each other during each of their turns; however, in the case of a disagreement each player is free:

  • to choose their own domino and place it anywhere in the shared kingdom.

  • to use or not use the Knights and Coins during their individual turn.

The playing order for a round is still determined by the position of the Kings in the line of dominoes.

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