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This example kingdom scores as follows:

1 Coin Counting:

The player has 11 Coins left and therefore scores 3 points (1 for every 3 Coins).

2 The Crowns:

  • Fields (yellow) score 3 points: 3 squares x1 crown

  • Forests (dark green) score 3 points: 2 squares x1 crown plus 1 square x 1 crown

  • Lakes (blue) score 6 points: 3 squares x2 crowns

  • Grasslands (light green) score 16 points: 4 squares x3 crowns and the Queen . This Kingdom had the most towers, so the player hosted the Queen and placed it on the largest territory to count as an extra crown.

  • Swamps (brown) score 1 point: 1 square x1 crown

  • Mines (black) score 12 points: 3 squares x4 crowns

  • Towns (red) score 0 points: There is no crown on any of the Building Tiles, so the town territories do not score in this kingdom.

3 The Buildings:

The town territories in this kingdom contain several different types of buildings, and they all score differently according to the symbols in the lower right corner of the tiles.

The Sawmill: 2 bonus points per detached forest territory = 6 points (3 territories x2).

The Travelling Castle: 1 bonus point per Tower= 3 points (3 Towers x1).

The Church: 2 bonus points per town territory= 8 points (4 territories x2)

The Big Tavern gives 2 bonus points to the kingdom, The Statue gives 5, and The Guardtower gives 3.

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