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  • 8 hardwood Push It Pucks
  • 1 hardwood Push It Jack
  • Push It Box
  • Handy Travel bag
  • Instructions

Game Play

First Round

The player with the longest name goes first. Players take it in turns clockwise to push their pucks at the jack until everyone has shot their first puck.

Second Round

Play continues with your second puck from the edge of the table. Whoever's puck is farthest from the jack goes next (like in golf), until all second round pucks have been played.

Bumping Pucks In Play

During play the pucks can be moved by other shots and even knocked off the table, the jack also may get moved.

However if a player knocks the jack completely off the table the round is over and they lose 2 points (you can have a negative score). That player will start the next round.

End of the Game

The round ends when all the pucks have been played. Scores are determined as follows:

  1. Remove the closest puck to the jack -the owning player gets 1 point.

  2. If the next closest pu ck belongs to the same player, remove it and give 1 additional point to that player.

The winner of the round goes first in the next.

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