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The princesses ding and Fang have begun their escape across the chamber of screens to join their beloved captains.

But the night the guard's numbers have been tripled and it is impossible for the princesses to recognize their lovers because though they talked to each other for a long time, they were always behind the screens! T

he legend says that the princesses would be able to recognize their lover thanks to animals they met during their escape. Each animal symbolizes one of the qualities of the beloved.

The Crane for honesty. The Fox for wisdom. The Owl for clairvoyance.

Object of the Game

The goal of the game is the same as: The Princesses Run Away! Except now there are three times as many guards to choose from. The players will have to identify which captain their princess is in love with based on the two legendary animals associated with him.

The Legendary Animals & Secret Objective

Legendary animals symbolize the qualities of the captains whom the princesses fell in love with. Players must first find the animals, using their magic mirror holders and then consult their Secret Objective card to find out which of the 3 captains is the true beloved of their princess.

At the beginning of the game, each player secretly chooses two of their three legendary animals and draws one of their three Secret Objective cards.

Unused items can then be placed back in the box.

Example: During the game, you've discovered each of your legendary animals: the fox and the crane. Check out your objective card! You now know that the beloved captain is the third one. You now have to move your princess in front of him to win the game.


Each player chooses a color, draws one of his Secret Objective cards and takes 10 empty screens.

Then, each player inserts behind six of the ten screens: the princess, the maid, the two magic mirror holders and the two of the three legendary animals.

Example: The starting 10 screens of the red player and his Secret Objective card.

Then, players proceed with the following steps:

1 They place 5 empty screens on the central lines of the game board.

2 They secretly mix their 10 screens and place them, in the order of their choice, on the two first lines of the board facing them. Their princess and maid screens must be placed on the first line facing them.

3 Finally, each player takes his three captains and places them on three of the five positions, at the entrance of the chamber of screens, on the opposite side facing him and places his Secret Objective card face down, in front of him.

The youngest player starts the game.

Game Play

The Legendary Animals is played the same as The Princesses Run Away! with an additional option: The Stunning Paralysis.

During his turn, a player performs the following steps:

  • Move a screen (Required)
  • Point at an opponent's screen (Optional)

During his opponent's turn, a player may: Attempt a stunning paralysis (Special).

The Stunning Paralysis (special)

If at any point in the game, a player places his Princess screen in front of one of his opponent's magic mirror holders, the magic mir- ror holder may attempt a stunning paralysis.

The stunning paralysis is a kind of poker stunt that can allow players to win the game immediately but it is obviously very risky.

When a player attempts a stunning paralysis, he proceeds as follows:

  1. As soon as his opponent places the screen with their Prin- cess in front of one of his magic mirror holders, points as it and calls: "PRINCESS JING!".

  2. His opponent reveals the chosen screen and the player checks if their princess is hiding behind it.

    • If the opposing princess is hiding behind that screen, she finds herself paralyzed and the player who found her gets five turns to continue to find the missing clues and join their beloved captain. If they succeed in that time, they are declared the winner.

    • In all other cases, the opposing player immediately wins the game.

Try to locate the opposing princess (without necessarily returning her to the starting line) so you can discreetly place a mirror holder nearby, hoping that your opponent will place his princess in front of it and you can try the stunning paralysis.

End of the Game

The first player who places his Princess screen exactly in front of the beloved captain, identified by the two legendary animals, wins the game.

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