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Rating: 4.6 Moderate
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 15-5 minutes

Created by: David L. Peterson

Published by: MindWare


Race your opponents as you arrange your 24 tiles crossword-style by matching color and design. Every tile must connect, and a row of two just won't do. Use a trade token to swap a tricky tile and hope for a Wild tile in return.

You will need to switch, shuffle and "pivit" your tiles to place them all and claim the highest scoring stick.

Each tile features one of six different colors and one of six different designs. Every player draws 24 tiles, and then races the other players to complete an interlocking grid with those tiles.

A row or column in the grid must contain at least three tiles, and the tiles must feature either all the same design or all the same color.

If the designs in a row or column are the same, then all the colors must be different, and vice versa.

Players may discard tiles and draw replacements if they have trouble completing their grids.

Players score according to the order in which they completed their grids. The first player to 24 points wins.

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