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Rating: 5.7 Fair
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 15 minutes

Created by: Scott Peterson, Carol Baker, Mark Ferrari

Published by: (Self-Published), Discovery Games, Mendocino Game Company

Alternate Names: Piraadid, Pirateer Deluxe, De Piraten, Pirater, Les Pirates


Pirateer is an interesting little game that, can be dismissed as a simplistic roll the dice and move game. At first this opinion held true. Then slowly U feel out some of the subtleties that make this game something more.

The components are quite good. Each player is issued three thick, plastic disks clearly marked with a unique, color-blind friendly symbol that identifies their fleet and home port. The board is a mounted and nicely illustrated depiction of an ocean bordered by four ports (conveniently located at each corner of the board) with an island at the center.

Two trade winds blow in parallel lines across the board. Two straights allow travel directly between opposite sides of the board perpendicularly to the trade winds.

The goal of the game is to maneuver your fleet to the center island, pick up a coin resting there and sail back to your home port. The other fleets try to stop you and steal the treasure. Enemy ships can be destroyed, and any treasure thereon captured, by sailing your ships onto them. Victory can also be achieved by destroying all of the opposing fleets.

Retail Price:$104
Mensa Select Winner 1996

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