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  • 504 Picture Cards
  • 144 Caption Cards.
  • Rulebook


Shuffle the deck of white Caption Cards and place it face down in the center of the table. Shuffle the deck of red Picture Cards and deal 8 cards to each player.

Separate the remaining Picture Cards into several smaller decks and place them around the table so a deck is within easy reach of every player.

Game Play

PicWits is played in rounds. Every round needs a judge. The player who last used a camera will judge the first round. If there is disagreement, the youngest player will be the first judge.

Beginning a Round

To begin a round, the judge draws the top card from the Caption deck. After reading the caption aloud, the judge places the Caption Card face up on the table.

All other players look at the cards in their hands and evaluate which picture will best match the caption-in the judge's opinion. Each player chooses the best matching card and places it face down on the table in front of the judge.

If players are slow to choose a card, the judge may begin slowly counting down from five. When the judge reaches one, anyone who has not yet played a card has lost the chance to play in this round.

Once everyone has played a Picture Card - or the countdown has elapsed - the judge shuffles the Picture Cards so he or she does not know who played which card.

The judge then flips over the Picture Cards one at a time so all players can see them. After reviewing each picture, the judge decides which card IN HIS OR HER OPINION best fits the caption. The person who played the card wins the round and is awarded the Caption Card.

Ending the Round

Collect all Picture Cards played in the round and place them off to the side in a discard pile.

Each player except the judge should draw a new Picture Card to return their hand to 8 cards. The person sitting to the left of the judge becomes the new judge for the next round.

End of the Game

Continue playing rounds until one player has collected enough Caption Cards to win according to the chart below.

Number of caption cards needed to win:

  • 3-4 players: 7 cards
  • 5-6 players: 6 cards
  • 7-8 players: 5 cards
  • 9 or more players: 4 cards

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