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The dealer flips over two cards. The first player to shout out a connection between them wins the two cards. The first player to collect 20 cards wins the game.

you don't necessarily need a dealer. If there are only two players, each player can flip over one card at the same time.

Missing Link

This game is similar to the Basic Game. However, in this version, players are trying to find a card that will link BOTH cards that are face up on the table.

Give each player five cards. Flip over two cards from the draw pile. The first player who can link one of their own cards to BOTH face-up cards wins the round. The winner of the round keeps the three cards in a "win" pile.

Example: let's say a yellow tractor and an apple are the face-up cards. A player can lay down a banana card and say, "The apple and the banana are both fruits and the tractor and the banana are both yellow".

After each round, players are dealt five new cards. The first player to collect 30 cards wins the game.

Fast Fives

Deal five cards to each player. The dealer then flips over one card from the draw pile and places it in the center. Players use their cards as dealt (no turning over cards) to make direct associations as they do in the Basic Game.

If play stops (i.e. no player can make a connection) flip over another card from the draw pile.

The first player to get rid of their five cards wins the game. Rotate dealers and play again.

Chain Reaction

Players are dealt five cards. As soon as the dealer says 'Go' players must connect all five of their cards in a sequence.

For example, let's say the player is dealt cards that show a boat, taxi, soap, banana, and baby. Here's what they might link: "A banana and a taxi cab are both yellow. A taxi cab and a boat are both types of transportation.

A boat and soap both float. Soap is used to wash babies". The first player to link all their cards wins the round. There are 7 rounds to a game.

Minute Time Trial

Players are given 60 seconds to flip through the deck as fast as possible and see how many connections they can make. Each card has to connect to the card before it.

Any time a player gets stuck, they can just discard the card and go on to the next card in the deck. The player who can make the most connections in 60 seconds wins the game.

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