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Cooperative Game Mode

In this mode, the players work together to win. The goal is to buy all the Fame cards before any card gets five tokens on it. The Fame cards start in a pyramid pattern(see below).

Players can only buy cards that are uncovered. Each turn a player doesn't buy a Fame card, she must put a token on an uncovered Fame card. If any card gets 5 tokens on it, all the players lose!

For an extra challenge, have players lose if 4 tokens are on a card. Also, try different Fame card layouts for a new challenge.

Simultaneous Game Mode

Created by Dave Campbell

Remove the cards with the "trash cards from the Offer" ability, as well as the attack cards. Shuffle all the Letter cards together. The Offer is 10 cards dealt from this deck. Fame and Common cards are used as normal.

Start the game by filling the Offer, then having each player draft 2 cards out of it in 1-2-3-3-2-1 order, adding the cards to their starting deck. Remove and replace cards 8C or higher from the offer for the initial draff.

This makes the game get going faster, allows you to "aim for something" with your deck right from the start. Because of the draff, players start with a 12 card deck and have a base of 6 card hands instead of 5.

All players draw their cards for the next turn, but nobody looks at them until everyone's ready, and then everyone races to make their word for the round. Remember who announced their word first.

When everyone has made a word, Players buy in the order they announced, and the Offer doesn't replenish until after the last person buys. This serves to reward fast play, though it is still worthwhile to think longer if it means you can make a better word.

If someone announces an invalid word, they get bumped to the end of the buy order and must make a valid word.

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