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  • A Unit dies only when it is being discarded during phase.

  • In any situation in which players estimate that there would be an issue with resolving two abilities simultaneously, the most advanced player on the Score Track acts first. In case of a tie, the player with the least Gold goes first. If the tie is still unresolved, the order is randomly determined.



If you have no level Building in your Kingdom when you deploy Golem, you still have only 4 spots for deploying your Units on this turn.

Grand Architect

Grand Architect's ability allows for buying any combination of resources.


During phase, apply its ability to each Unit that dies in your Kingdom, including Kraken itself, if it dies on this turn.


Monkey earns you 1 Gold when it is deployed. This Gold can be immediately used to pay for other Units' deployment.

Mystical Healer

Add a token on the Unit saved by Mystical Healer this turn, as on all other surviving Units. Mystical Healer can prevent himself from dying.


The basis of 2 Gold earned on phase is to be taken into account too, for determining Ogre's strength bonus.

Palm Reader

Apply its ability to each Unit that dies in your Kingdom, including Palm Reader itself, if she dies on this turn.


Discard Shapeshifter as soon as it is replaced by the newly drawn Unit. Do not forget to add a token on this Unit and to apply its phase abilities, if it has any.



Each level of Temple can be paid either with the requested amount of , or by paying the indicated amount of Gold.

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