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Strategy 1 - High value tiles for easier goals

High value tiles have goals that are easier to complete. This yellow 7-tile has three goals that can be completed using only three tiles.

Strategy 2 - Tiles fulfilling goals instantly

In the ideal case, adjacent tiles can fulfill goals for each other This turquoise tile and red tile instantly fulfill goals when placed beside each other.

Strategy 3 - Fulfilling goals on multiple tiles

Tiles fulfill goals on multiple tiles. These two yellow tiles complete the "2 Yellow" goal on the turquoise tile and the red tile.

Strategy 4 - Tiles supporting each other

Remember, the color of the original tile itself never counts. In order to fulfill the goal on the red 2-tHe, at least four additional red tiles are required.

Strategy 5 - Goals are independent

The goals are independent of each other and can use the same tiles to fulfill them. Therefore, the four red tiles fulfill both the goal "2 Reds" and the goal "4 Reds" of the blue 4-tile.

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