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All rules of the multiplayer game apply with the following exceptions:


Steps 1 through 4 are the same as the multiplayer game.

5. Choose a color and form two stacks from the goal discs of that color. One stack consists of 8 goal discs, the other of 13 goal discs. Do not place a player disc on the moon track.

6. As this is a solo game, there is no player order.

Game Play

The solo game is played over two phases. Your goal is to place your 21 goal discs with the lowest total time spent. Time spent in phase 1 will count double.

Phase 1

Just like in the multiplayer game, you may select 1 of the 3 next tiles after the Marker (in clockwise order) then move the Marker to the location of the tile you selected. Select one tile after the other-but without advancing a player disc on the moon track.

Your goal is to quickly place the 8 goal discs of the smaller stack on the tiles in your display. Once you place your eighth disc, you may refill the display. You can choose to wait to refill the display if you want to select more tiles.

Do not discard the remaining tiles. If you have placed all 11 of the tiles, you must refill the display even if you were not able to place all 8 of your discs.

Once you choose to refill the display, add up all the time costs on tiles in your display and note the value. For each of the 8 goal discs remaining, add 10 to this value.

Important: Why would you select more tiles past your eighth goal disc when that increases your score? You increase your chance of being able to place all your goal discs in phase 2. Is it worth the risk of a higher score?

Phase 2

After you have refilled the selection track, proceed to the second phase. During this phase, you will continue to select tiles as normal.

As you complete goals, place the goal discs from the remaining stack (13 goals discs for phase 2 plus any remaining goal discs from phase 1). The game ends when you have either placed all of your goal discs or there are no more tiles on the selection track.

End of Solo Game

At the end of the game, add up all the time costs on the tiles in your display. If you have any of your 21 discs remaining, add 10 points for each remaining disc.

Add these numbers together to determine your final score: the lower it is, the better.


  • Any score under 100 is great! It is quite challenging to place all goal discs. The reason for this is that you have to deal with the tiles that have been uncovered by chance.

  • You cannot exchange tiles from the selection track! This is particularly tricky if a color is very rare or missing at all. Consider this a special challenge.

On our webpage you can find and download a notepad for your results:

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