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Rating: 6.9 Good
Players: 2-2 players
Playing time: 30-12 minutes

Created by: Bruno Cathala, Théo Rivière, Vincent Dutrait

Published by: Hurrican


Twin temples devoted to two long-forgotten divinities - Ananta and Garuda - have been discovered in India.

Arcane relics stashed in hiding places around the temples are rumored to be the source of their divine powers. Legend has it that Ananta was protected by the Naga, snake-like guardians who hid treasures in their scaly eggs. Garuda, a mythical giant eagle, is their natural enemy.

As an intrepid archaeologist, you are obsessed with the idea of adding these relics to your collection... You set off at once for one of the temples. Just as you enter the temple grounds in search of its treasures, your arch-rival, another renowned collector, is arriving at the other temple. The battle to be first begins...

To reach the secret hiding places and discover Ananta's relics before your rival, you must make your way through a maze of constantly-changing paths... The first to succeed will command their fabulous power. unless the three cursed relics of Garuda are revealed, in which case, the unfortunate finder will be damned for all eternity!

In this 2-players game, each player moves around their own temple, which has spaces for room tiles and hiding places for 9 sacred and cursed relics around. These relics are placed randomly, facedown, around the temples and worth victory points once flipped face up.

The first player to score 25 victory points wins the game. However, a player loses if they reveal all three cursed relics! Each round, the players compete to win a new room tile by using cards allowing them to throw fate sticks.

The player with the most fate points showing on their sticks wins the room tile and places it in their temple. Each player attempts to create paths leading to their relics, enabling them to flip them face up and score victory points.

Yet, Naga symbols on some sticks let you activate cards with powerful effects, so that you can never take anything for granted…

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