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Investigation Book

The investigation book is the heart of the game, containing eight separate investigations.

Due to the complexity of some cases, it is recommended that players attempt the investigations in order.

Arkham Directory

The directory contains the coordinates for the locations of homes and businesses and public places that players may travel.

If you need to find out how to look up the location for a particular person or place, this is where to look.

8 Newspapers

Each investigation has a newspaper copy of the Arkham Advertiser that corresponds by date. You may look at any previously dated newspapers as well during any investigation.

While much of the information is for flavor, some information is presented to further your investigations.

However, sometimes the importance of cryptic information will not become apparent until your investigation is well underway.

19 Requirement Cards

Requirement cards represent pieces of information and equipment that are obtained from particular locations to be used at other locations.

These are awarded from the text in the Investigation Book.

Time-tracker And Markers (tokens)

The Time-Tracker (pictured on page 5) is used to track the progression of time, as well as indicate when players must cease their investigation if they have not done so already.

Each investigation has a time limit and when the grey Hourglass Progress marker (token) reaches the red Time Limit marker - the 'X' marker shown here - your investigation must stop and players then proceed directly to the questions. Each case will inform players where to place the 'X' marker.

As soon as players advance to their first location just after reading the Introduction, the Progress Token is then placed on Day 1, Morning.

Map of Arkham

The map of Arkham, Massachusetts reveals a map of the town and districts of Arkham. It should be noted that only a few locations are valid for each investigation.

They will not all have encounters to read. Players should use the investigation book, directory and the map together.


The game manual contains the basic information that players need on their journeys into Arkham. This manual contains a quick reference on Page 7-8 of the local allies players may visit during any investigation. Allies coordinates can more easily be found in this manual.

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